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Feminism Meme

A Radical Feminist Protestor shown by this feminism meme:

Feminism Meme

My Take on this Feminist Meme:

I thought this feminism meme was hilarious. Yes, it obviously is showing and poking fun at an obvious radical feminist protester, not you average feminist. Honestly, I am a big supporter of feminism. Especially the first and second waves of feminism that helped establish equal political and workplace rights for women.

The reforms brought about by those early feminists made our country stronger, our political system more just, and our economy far larger. The economic aspect was particularly pronounced and it is an issue I discuss in my review of The Affluent Society.

But we now face the trials and tribulations of third wave feminism. In many ways it seeks to make women more equal than men. And because of that, third wave feminism is an ideology that I can’t support. It seeks to make one group “more equal” than another, so it is very wrong. Not all feminists are “third wave” feminists.

Many just want to make sure that everyone’s rights are respected. That is admirable and beneficial. But seeking to have the government’s policies favor one group over another isn’t admirable or beneficial. It is instead a corrupt and selfish way of thinking that takes us backwards rather than forwards. We should find ways to include more people in all areas of the workforce and make sure that the rights of both men and women are equally respected.

But we shouldn’t launch ridiculous protests like the one shown in this feminism meme in support of an ideology that favors inequality.

By: Gen Z Conservative


How feminism led to women entering the workforce and strengthening our economy:

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