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I Fear Leftist Solutions Much More Than Actual Problems

By: Parker Beauregard, Blue State Conservative

America’s founding fathers named three essential rights to which all men were entitled: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It’s as profound as it is simple. 

At this very moment, though, all three of these fundamental, God-given rights are under a full assault by the left. In the more frequent political conversations in which I find myself nowadays (not because I initiate them or even want to have them, but because leftists can’t help but pontificate about their virtuous superiority), one of my go-to responses takes a very macro approach of the world.

The fact of the matter is that only one side of the political aisle seeks the destruction of rights through socialist totalitarianism. When people like Bill Maher and Nikki Minaj take notice, something transformational is truly happening.

Covid is the latest and most obvious monstrosity of tyrannical impulse to squelch all three elemental rights. Life has been snuffed out through the betrayal of practicing science; were it not for the censorship of readily available treatments and intentional murder of the elderly, how many people would have been rescued from being political pawns? The body count on Democrats and their accomplices is immense.

Likewise, many individual liberties disappeared altogether in the name of the “greater good” and “the science.” Churches, private businesses, and other places of worship or gathering fell prey to the forced, immoral closures so that a fear-laden populace would succumb to even greater hysteria.

Along the way, the things that enable people to pursue happiness – social events, family gatherings, holidays, communal worship – ceased to exist. Ironically, anxiety is one of the leading comorbidities and the social isolation has increased to unprecedented levels. 

The cure for Covid has been far worse than the virus itself. We would have been better doing nothing, including developing the so-called vaccine. Given the situation in Sweden compared to Iceland and Israel, for example, this hardly seems debatable.

The leftist Covid responses, like all other leftist responses, is what is so frightening about their representation in government. It is what makes seeing friends, neighbors, and family voting for Democrats so unsettling and maddening. Despite noble-sounding goals, when put into practice the political left offers only chaos, cruelty, destruction, suffering.

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Covid is the most recent and obvious, but once you start seeing the world through this lens, the application of a cure outstripping the concerns over an analogous disease are everywhere. There is not a single example to the contrary.

Another obvious example came out of the Black Lives Matter movement as they called to defund the police. Despite an overwhelming majority of black residents – in some of the hardest-hit urban communities, no less – demanding a strong police presence, the cure for a few rogue officers was to eliminate them all. How is this working out?

Crime rates in these locations, especially murder rates, have returned to all-time highs. A few bad cops might have killed one or two thugs by accident, but the alternative is now scores of bullet-ridden black bodies. The cure (less police) is far worse and deadlier than the disease (moral decay in urban communities).

Beyond even the policing demands of BLM, one of the central tenets of Critical Race Theory posits that white supremacist racism is endemic to this country and cannot be eradicated, no matter the effort. The cure for this gigantic lie is to instill shame and guilt into whites while indoctrinating generations of blacks to think they are helpless victims.

The solution to racism was also more racism; less qualified blacks took spots away from more deserving whites (and much more deserving Asians) from prestigious high schools and colleges, while the business world likewise pandered to people with the proper melanin complexion. If widespread defeatism and racism is better than isolated acts of what might be construed as racist, then mission accomplished. 

CRT invents problems in America out of whole cloth, so one could argue there isn’t even a disease. However, insofar as mainstream culture has accepted its tenets as true, we can therefore say that whatever disease they pretend exists is a lot more palatable than actual systemic racism under the guise of reparations and discrimination against whites.

At a certain level, evil is unquantifiable, and yet if leftist threats could be measured and compared, then the politically flexible and nebulous notion of climate change is perhaps the single greatest threat to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And no, climate change itself is not a threat in the least to these self-evident truths – the leftist machinations to combat climate change are. The response to climate change should be simple; the temperature is rising but it is hubris to conclude we are responsible.

The Earth was once covered in ice and also devoid of ice altogether. If there are better sources of energy, one day the free market will introduce it. In the meantime, forced legislation with an ostensible function to reel in climate fluctuations will only have the effect of neutering entire economies and current (and comfortable) ways of life. It is socialist totalitarianism subversively packaged as maintaining sunshine and rainbows. It is utterly impossible to envision a scenario where human life improves as a result of implementation of even a scintilla of proposed climate change agenda.

Be it reacting to viruses, human behaviors, or the weather, there are always trade offs in the real world.

This point is largely lost on idealist leftists. They believe they are demigods with the knowledge and power to control uncontrollable entities. Ironically, they reject the monotheistic God of the Bible that transcended nature, and while they themselves worship the gods of nature now, they simultaneously act as if they were above it as well. Again, though, leftism is a circle of illogic positions, each of which exists only for immediate gain. 

Far too many people want the government to take care of them and protect them. When we surrender our own solutions to a problem, though, we invite whatever solution is given to us instead. In every case, these solutions are far worse than the original problems.

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