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“F*ck You, F*ck Your Children”: Kavanaugh’s Neighbors Claim Pro-Abortion “Protestors” Terrorizing Entire Neighborhood, Making Threats

The tolerant left is at it again, this time in Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s neighborhood, where they’re not only gathering in a threatening mob outside of his home and even attempting to assassinate him, but are also threatening the neighbors and their children, at least according to a recent report in Fox News.

According to that report, a neighbor of Kavanaugh claims that pro-abortion protesters have terrorized the entire neighborhood in which Justice Kavanaugh lives, even going so far as to start threatening Kavanaugh’s neighbors, telling them “f*ck you and f*ck your children.”

Sickening. Such is the attitude of the left to the news that it might be marginally harder to kill babies; they’re threatening the kids of people who just happen to live close by to someone they hate with a burning passion.

That brave neighbor who spoke anonymously to Fox News about the vile protesters and what they’re up to claimed that the anti-Kavanaugh protesters have been “aggressively” disrupting the entire area for weeks since the Dobbs leak, an opinion which would overturn Roe and Casey.

Speaking on that and describing what the protesters do to the kids in the neighborhood, the anonymous neighbor said that the protesters arrive at 7 pm because they know that is when parents are starting to put their young children to bed, and thus that there will be more of a disruption to daily life in the community.

Continuing, the neighbor went on to add that:

There’s little kids who live on the street. It’s a horrific experience. It’s not great if you have kids of any age, but it’s unbelievably stressful and the kids are very upset, the kids have to be sent inside and it’s so loud you can’t put your kids to sleep.

“They picked the exact time, and they don’t care. Literally, there’s no way on a Wednesday night you can put your kid to bed.

They have drummers, they have a megaphone, and they chant, they yell all kinds of things… They have told neighbors ‘f*ck you, f*ck your children, things like that – and so they’re abusive toward the neighbors and intimidating.

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Oh, and the useless police are doing nothing to stop the thuggish “protesters” from disrupting the neighborhood and threatening Kavanaugh, nearby parents, and their children, instead letting the mob gather day after day without much interference.

Describing that, the anonymous neighbor said:

We’ve been told that because they will move eventually when a car comes down the street, they’re not technically blocking the street. What we’ve also been told is that this is ‘behaving within the bounds of the law’ and the only law that could be enforced is the federal law that they’re not supposed to protest outside the home of judicial officers, but the federal partners declined to enforce that law.

Continuing on a note of desperation and emphasizing that things could get quite bad, the same source said:

There’s nowhere to go to get away from it. I think people are very concerned that if there isn’t action taken, that this will escalate in a way that is very unpredictable and very unsafe.

“There just doesn’t seem to be anyone in a position of leadership or authority who is considering those issues and acting on them and trying to look for a solution rather than just allowing this possibly to escalate.”

The party of tolerance with all its love, kindness, and tolerance on full display.

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