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FBI SUED: The FBI’s About to Face Some Major Justice for this Horrific Act

Sick and tired of seeing the FBI act terribly and get away with doing so? So are the girls who had to suffer Larry Nassar’s predations because a feckless and insouciant FBI refused to deal with him.

So, rather than just complain about it, as many conservatives, including conservative lawmakers, have done to respond to the FBI’s horrible acts, those sexual assault survivors are suing. Here’s what Reuters reported they’re doing:

Thirteen unnamed sexual abuse survivors of Larry Nassar are seeking $130 million from the FBI over allegations that it botched the investigation into the former USA Gymnastics doctor, their lawyers said on Thursday.

The individuals say they suffered further abuse as a result of the FBI’s failure to properly investigate Nassar after being made aware of some of the accusations against him. Each is submitting an administrative tort claim.

According to the same Reuters article, an attorney for the abused girls said:

This is the largest failure on the part of law enforcement in the history of the world as it pertains to the protection of children, and there must be institutional accountability to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

And what exactly was that failure? The FBI refused to look into their claims of abuse.

For example, one girl, McKayla Maroney, testified to the Senat Judiciary Committee that she spent three hours on the phone with the FBI, yet her complaint wasn’t documented for over a year and a half and the sleazy agent involved later misrepresented what she said!

a member of the Olympic gold medal-winning London 2012 team, told the Senate Judiciary Committee in September that she spent three hours on the phone with the FBI in 2015 detailing her story, but that the law enforcement agency failed to document it for a year and a half and misrepresented her remarks.

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The FBI, for its part, refused to respond to any requests for comment about the lawsuit but rather told outlets to just look at what FBI Director Christopher Wray said when speaking in Congressional testimony in 2021. At the time, he said:

“I want to be clear. The actions and inactions of the FBI employees detailed in this report are totally unacceptable. These individuals betrayed the core duty that they have — of protecting people.”

The girls abused thanks in part to the FBI’s incompetence likely agree with Wray, hence why they’re suing.

Wray also claimed at the time that he fired the agent responsible for dealing with the perverted physician in his testimony, saying:

When I received the inspector general’s report and saw that the supervisory special agent in Indianapolis had failed to carry out even the most basic parts of the job, I immediately made sure he was no longer performing the functions of a special agent. And I can now tell you that individual no longer works for the FBI in any capacity.

So that’s what the FBI was up to; ignoring rape while persecuting conservatives. The Gestapo role must have gotten the way of the law enforcement role. Fortunately, it looks like the FBI is about to pay for its failures.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.