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Folks, I want you to imagine for a moment that you’re in your house, going about the laborious but essential business of homeschooling your kids – because you don’t like the idea that they might be fed a steady diet of ideological garbage by the Leftist school system.  

All of a sudden, there’s a knock at the door.  No, not a “knock”.  There’s a banging at the door – repeated and loud, obnoxious and pretty alarming.  Within minutes, your door is broken down, and in comes the FBI, weapons drawn, clearly meaning business as they begin the process of shaking down your house.  Why are they there?  You don’t know – because they won’t tell you.  They have a warrant, but they’re not sharing any information at the moment.  And meanwhile, they’re literally rifling through everything that you own – dirty underwear and all!

This is apparently how things are now going to be done in Colorado, where a homeschool mom who’s been active in local schoolboard meetings and has helped to effectuate some real change, was arrested earlier last month.  The FBI raided her house on suspicion that she is a – wait for it – is a domestic terrorist.  

You know, I’m reminded of another group of people who were labeled domestic terrorists because they were fighting in the cause of liberty, and Sheronna Bishop – the aforementioned mother, homeschooler, and activist – would seem to fall into good company if that’s how the dictatorial powers-that-be choose to see her.  

This is a lady who goes to school board meetings and helps in the fight to overturn things like mask mandates – in the name of children who aren’t even hers! Her kids are at home, in a learning environment that has been thus far protected from the rot of the public school system – she’s fighting for the liberty of fellow parents and their kids.  And when I say “fighting”, I mean verbally fighting.  

Folks, the scariest thing about the Left is the way in which it perverts the language with which we all speak.  Because, as I’ve said many times on this show, the way we speak is the vehicle in which our thoughts travel back and forth with each other.  

You control where that vehicle is going, you get a God’s eye view from which to try to control thought.  And if you don’t think that individualistic, critical thinking can be stamped out of people, I’d invite you to read up on things like Stockholm Syndrome.  

Taking a moniker like “domestic terrorist” – something which any individual with half a brain can identify in their mind and define on command – and twisting it to mean something else is a dangerous example of the most frightening tool the Left has in its belt.  Because the rule of law requires that individual freedoms must be protected, at times, by force, we are left with the all-too-often ambiguous task of always seeking to use that force wisely.  

It’s important that there be a group of people whose job it is to break down doors and search houses, in other words, because in an imperfect yet free society, there is order that must be maintained by a limited form of top-down governance.  We all know this.  

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But their mandate is set by those same powers-that-be, and when corruption of the level we’re seeing now enters the fray, innocent people like Sheronna Bishop often fall into the crosshairs.  

We do not have a choice as to whether or not we can fight this battle over the hearts and minds of our children – protecting them it is a mantel put upon our shoulders as parents by God Himself.  

And I still maintain that getting your kids out of the public school system altogether is the best way forward for as many of you as can do it.  But, like Sheronna, once we’ve successfully placed our own children out of harm’s way, we have to turn around and re-enter that fight.  Even if it means going to jail for it.  Exercise your right to free speech, maintain a peaceful approach, but get in there and make a difference!

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather