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Watch: This Hilarious Fauci/Xi Spoof is Breaking the Internet

Though Twitter censorship is terrible, there are still some absolute gems on it, especially once you go down the rabbit hole and find all the funny stuff making fun of Brandon, Fauci, and the other agents of our incompetent ruling class.

One such gem was the video that perfectly nailed just how Pelosi looks and acts (watch that here). Another funny one was the “laboratory leak” video that some anonymous genius just posted. Here that is:

Sure, it’s creepy. However it was done, and I have no idea how one edits a video like that, it looks kinda…well, real. Yes, I know Fauci is short, but not a midget. Yes, I know Xi is smart enough to not want to spend time around the bureaucrat and his horrible policy recommendations. But still, it looks way too real, which both makes it creepy and is a testament to the editor’s talent.

The background for the video is, beyond the general connection between Fauci and Red China, a video that leaked of Fauci and Klaus Schwab speaking at a WEF with Xi in attendance. That was, well, a lot, and really highlighted the connection between the two.

First, there was the groveling, complimentary speech that Schwab, the “build back better” and “Great Reset” guy gave for Xi. Watch Klaus Schwab’s speech here:

Then Xi got up and gave his commie speech, during which he said:

The world today is undergoing major changes unseen in a century. These changes, not limited to a particular moment, event, country or region, represent the profound and sweeping changes of our times. As changes of the times combine with the once-in-a-century pandemic, the world finds itself in a new period of turbulence and transformation. How to beat the pandemic and how to build the post-COVID world? These are major issues of common concern to people around the world. They are also major, urgent questions we must give answers to. 

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[…]First, we need to embrace cooperation and jointly defeat the pandemic. Confronted by the once-in-a-century pandemic, which will affect the future of humanity, the international community has fought a tenacious battle. Facts have shown once again that amidst the raging torrents of a global crisis, countries are not riding separately in some 190 small boats, but are rather all in a giant ship on which our shared destiny hinges. Small boats may not survive a storm, but a giant ship is strong enough to brave a storm. Thanks to the concerted efforts of the international community, major progress has been made in the global fight against the pandemic. That said, the pandemic is proving a protracted one, resurging with more variants and spreading faster than before. It poses a serious threat to people’s safety and health, and exerts a profound impact on the global economy. 

[…]Second, we need to resolve various risks and promote steady recovery of the world economy. The world economy is emerging from the depths, yet it still faces many constraints. The global industrial and supply chains have been disrupted. Commodity prices continue to rise. Energy supply remains tight. These risks compound one another and heighten the uncertainty about economic recovery. The global low inflation environment has notably changed, and the risks of inflation driven by multiple factors are surfacing. If major economies slam on the brakes or take a U-turn in their monetary policies, there would be serious negative spillovers. They would present challenges to global economic and financial stability, and developing countries would bear the brunt of it. In the context of ongoing COVID-19 response, we need to explore new drivers of economic growth, new modes of social life and new pathways for people-to-people exchange, in a bid to facilitate cross-border trade, keep industrial and supply chains secure and smooth, and promote steady and solid progress in global economic recovery.

Economic globalization is the trend of the times. Though countercurrents are sure to exist in a river, none could stop it from flowing to the sea. Driving forces bolster the river’s momentum, and resistance may yet enhance its flow. Despite the countercurrents and dangerous shoals along the way, economic globalization has never and will not veer off course. Countries around the world should uphold true multilateralism. We should remove barriers, not erect walls. We should open up, not close off. We should seek integration, not decoupling. This is the way to build an open world economy. We should guide reforms of the global governance system with the principle of fairness and justice, and uphold the multilateral trading system with the World Trade Organization at its center. We should make generally acceptable and effective rules for artificial intelligence and digital economy on the basis of full consultation, and create an open, just and non-discriminatory environment for scientific and technological innovation. This is the way to make economic globalization more open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial for all, and to fully unleash the vitality of the world economy.

[…]Fourth, we need to discard Cold War mentality and seek peaceful coexistence and win-win outcomes. Our world today is far from being tranquil; rhetorics that stoke hatred and prejudice abound. Acts of containment, suppression or confrontation arising thereof do all harm, not the least good, to world peace and security. History has proved time and again that confrontation does not solve problems; it only invites catastrophic consequences. Protectionism and unilateralism can protect no one; they ultimately hurt the interests of others as well as one’s own. Even worse are the practices of hegemony and bullying, which run counter to the tide of history. Naturally, countries have divergences and disagreements between them. Yet a zero-sum approach that enlarges one’s own gain at the expense of others will not help. Acts of single-mindedly building “exclusive yards with high walls” or “parallel systems”, of enthusiastically putting together exclusive small circles or blocs that polarize the world, of overstretching the concept of national security to hold back economic and technological advances of other countries, and of fanning ideological antagonism and politicizing or weaponizing economic, scientific and technological issues, will gravely undercut international efforts to tackle common challenges.

For those of you that didn’t want to read paragraphs of communist nonsense, the basic gist of Xi’s speech, from which I selected the most important paragraphs, was that he wants the world to embrace globalism yet more and discard any anti-China policies. Left out was any apology for unleashing Covid onto the world. Shocker.

After those two spoke, in walked…you guessed it, Anthony Fauci! He said “It’s very disturbing, I believe to all of us as public health officials and scientists, such a degree of pushback against regular, normal, easy-to-understand public health measures. Reluctance to wear masks, reluctance to promote vaccination, reluctance to do kinds of public health measures.”

That wasn’t all. He continued, saying  “You make the virus have an advantage when you don’t implement, in a unified way, all the very well-recognized public health measures — particularly the vaccines.” Watch him here:

Ah, Fauci, always one to speak ill of those that don’t follow his waffling diktats without question. Good thing he showed up and lent “credibility” to Xi’s speech!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.