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Father Charged With Teen Daughter’s Murder; Here’s What She Texted Her Family Right Before It Happened

A father from Chicago is now in custody after being officially charged with the murder of his teenage daughter.

This kind of crime is the sickest and most anger-inducing of all, as it seems unfathomable how a person could possibly destroy a life they helped to create and bring into the world.

Police discovered Mia Maro, 17, in her family home located in the Chicago suburb of Tinely Park on Sunday after responding to an emergency call that was made around 5 p.m. An aunt of the young girl is the one who found her body after paying a visit to the home due to not hearing from Maro for several days.

Tinley Park Safety officials stated that Maro was already dead when they showed up on the scene. The girl was reportedly covered in bruises.

Maro’s father, Mohammed Almaru, 42, was then reportedly found near Maro’s body “with self-inflicted wounds to his wrist and throat.” Officials revealed he had reportedly taken pills and was taken to the hospital where his condition was stabilized.

Here is more information from Law & Crime:

According to a report from FOX News Digital, court records indicate that Maro was afraid of her father and had texted relatives in the days before her death to voice fears that he would “beat her” or “kill her” over her involvement in a minor car accident.

On Sunday evening, Almaru reportedly texted one of his sons in distress.

“I lost my mind, went out of control, and beat the shit out of her,” he reportedly said in the text. “I fucked up big time I’m sorry.”

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Almaru, according to court documents cited by FOX, said that he beat his daughter “because he was trying to get her to tell him something.”

They had allegedly argued over Mora going to her senior prom the previous Thursday. Almaru reportedly told Maro that she could go but then changed his mind, saying he didn’t trust her.

“Maro’s body reportedly exhibited extensive bruising and is believed to have been repeatedly hit with a metal pole and rubber mallet (or similar objects). While executing a search warrant on the home, police discovered a metal pole on the kitchen floor with blood and hair on it, as well as a bloody rubber mallet in the garage, the FOX report said. The pole was apparently bent,” the report from Law & Crime revealed.

Local law enforcement authorities found a tarp and some bungee cords at the home.

The FOX story said that police have stated Almaru is not cooperating with the investigation and hasn’t been “totally conscious.”

Randa Almaru, Maro’s aunt, has put together a fundraiser on GoFundMe to help cover funeral expenses.

“Mia was a beautiful soul and the light of our lives,” Randa went on to write. “She was a 17yr old girl who had a thirst for life. Mia was an amazing daughter, niece, sister, granddaughter and the best friend anyone could encounter.”

According to Randa, funds raised will also go to the care of Mia’s mother, Audrey Jorgenson, who Randa described as having been “incapacitated 3 years ago.”

Randa and her sister, Linda Maro, who are the sisters of Mohammed Almaru, are reportedly the primary caregivers for Jorgenson,

“According to court documents obtained by Chicago NBC affiliate WMAQ, Jorgenson has required 24-hour care since suffering a medical emergency and traumatic brain injury in the spring of 2019,” the report stated.

Maro was a senior at Andrew High School and was soon set to graduate over the course of the coming weeks.

“She stepped in at the age of 15 and quickly became a primary part in her mother’s care,” Randa said on the GoFundMe page. “Mia did so with love and patience. Anyone who had the pleasure of knowing Mia absolutely adored her.”

This young girl had her whole life ahead of her and it was torn away from her. All of the potential she had to impact our society for good. All of her dreams for the future. Snuffed out.

By her own father.

Almaru remains in custody and is due to appear in court on Monday, according to records from the Cook County Sheriff’s Office.

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather