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Distraught Father Blames Politicians For Senseless Stabbing Death of His Young Daughter

Thanks to Team Brandon’s rhetoric on policing and the soft on crime policies of most every blue area, crime is rising at a rapid rate in America. Everywhere you look, every time you turn on the news, a law-abiding citizen is getting stabbed by a career criminal, an already struggling small business is getting looted by a gang of vicious thugs, or a multi-time offender is getting of with a slap on the wrist for some heinous crime.

That’s not how it used to be in America, back in the glorious days when we believed in ourselves, but it how things are now and you have Democrats to thank for it. Every time you feel threatened while shopping, every time you see a senseless murder on the TV or riot in the street on Twitter, remember that Democrats are to blame.

The only positive side of all this senseless crime and death is that Americans are finally speaking out against it. Trod on for far too long by the elites that detest them and the criminals that prey on them, they’re stepping up and fighting for their rights as free Americans, fighting to lock criminals up so that the law-abiding can live in peace.

One of those brave Americans is Todd Kupfer, father of Brianna Kupfer, a UCLA student who was viciously stabbed to death by Shawn Laval Smith, a career criminal out on a cheap bail when he murdered her.

Mr. Kupfer appeared on Fox News and gave a heartfelt statement railing against the criminals and the politicians that let them out, saying both that “Crime is truly spiking, and we have a lot of criminals on the streets that shouldn’t be out” and that “We have a lot of politicians that somehow forgot about people and think the key to getting elected is to support the lowest rung of our society and to give them rights and somehow that’s the answer to getting votes.”

Yet worse, the suspects description was one that most anyone could have predicted, but few will ever act on proactively. The LAPD, in a press statement, wrote “The suspect is described as a male Black, unknown age, tall, thin, wearing a dark hoodie, sunglasses, a white N-95 mask, dark skinny jeans, dark shoes and carrying a dark backpack” Furhter, the assailant is believed to be homeless. Remember, these are the sort of people that Kamala helped bail out.

Then, speaking about his daughter and her horrid death, he said “She was a kind soul and always was trying to make herself better and everything around her better. She cared about people.” But one of those people, a vicious animal everyone knew was a criminal, didn’t care about her. So he stabbed her to death for no reason, snuffing her life out when he should have been hanging by a rope until dead. Tucker Carlson addressed the issue too, saying:

So politicians in Los Angeles are, at the very least, very clear about their priorities. What has this done to L.A.? We don’t have to look far to see the answer to that. Last week, a homeless man walked into a furniture store in the west side of Los Angeles and murdered a graduate student who was working alone there. He stabbed her to death for no apparent reason and then walked out. He’s still at large. She was 24. Now she’s dead. 

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Today, her father told “Fox & Friends” that he holds city officials responsible for the killing. 

What you’re watching here is civilization collapsing in real-time, and it’s not new. Video our producers shot in Los Angeles in the spring of 2019, almost three years ago, show homeless encampments downtown on three separate blocks. It starts at fifth and San Pedro, and then it goes west seemingly forever. So in January 2020, the L.A. Times reported that “California’s railroad tracks are now lined with men and women sleeping in tents or under cardboard boxes.” In America, by the way. Well, in response to this, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced another $12 billion in state funding to “fight homelessness.” How’d that work? Well hear the results. 

Democrats are empowering criminals and setting them lose. Brianna’s senseless death is the natural cost and result. To stop it from happening again, the criminals must be dealt with firmly. Very firmly.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.