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Companies are Playing Fast and Loose with Your DNA Data

Sounds like the start of a bad joke does it not? The fact is, it is a bad joke and everyone but the DSUSD board and administration are the brunt of it.

Since being told by the little tyrants in Sacramento what the DSUSD boards deliberations must entail and what their decisions must be, the DSUSD board of education decided to implement a “vaccine” mandate for their employees (and soon students). But hold on, there is a choice!

That’s right! If you do not want to take an experimental mRNA shot(if BioNTech was the same as Comirnaty, then it would not have a different name) you have a choice.

That other option is to send your genetic code to…. Well, that is our focus. Who does the DNA get sent to? Are they medical professionals or scientists? Are they trained in handling private medical data and genetic code, and required to keep confidential such information? One would think since the police need a warrant to obtain your DNA information, unless you share it with someone who is not bound by Dr-Patient confidentiality, that the DSUSD would take great care with your genetic code. Yeah, well, one would be wrong. I covered the concerns of DNA falling into the wrong hands in California Safe Schools back in August. Here is a refresher.

DSUSD Wuhan Flu testing is done through a company called LFN, Corporate Wellness LLC. Are they doctors? No. Are they Scientists? No. They are a small company of 29 people, founded by a homeless part-time boxing trainer that had failed in “the financial industry”. The CEO of LFN (Living Fit Nation), Mike Sanchez, is a self-proclaimed “personal trainer”. Sanchez lost his job in finance in 2008, though he does not specify what that job was. After being homeless and living in his car he parlayed his experience as a part-time boxing trainer into a gym (and at home) fitness trainer. Then took the gym routine, with a splash of ergonomics, on the corporate road. So… not a doctor or a Scientist at all. What then, is this LFN Corporate Wellness?

According the California Secretary of State, LFN was created in April of 2021 in California, and in September of 2020 in the State of Delaware. The California papers depict LFN as a “Wellness Consulting” business.

According to the CEO, however, from his own Linkedin page, Living Fit Nation had been operating for a number of years before that. Perhaps it was a company name change, or into an LLC from a partnership, perhaps there was somer other reason. And, if Sanchez was already in California, why was his new company registered in Delaware just 5 months before being registered in California? Sounds dodgy to me, though it occurs to me I have seen this before when researching other dodgy corporations. Could we ask sleepy Joe? No? Fine, how about Mike Sanchez, what does his company do?

Karate and posture? What does that have to do with Covid-19 testing? Absolutely nothing. So what does LFN do exactly?

I’m glad you asked!

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Oh. Bootcamps, Yoga, Boxing, and Zumba! Covid-19 testing seems like the natural progression, does it not? /s Who are these people that they are so expert in maintaining confidential genetic code?

Sounds like job titles uneducated homeless people give themselves. Not a doctor or a scientist, or apparently anyone with an advanced degree.

“Oh, but Kenny (from the Tavern)”, you say, “there must be something more to it, how can they test others for the Wuhan Flu if this is true?”

Another excellent question and I am happy that you asked!

LFN does not do the actual testing. According to the LFN website, one needs a Doctors recommendation to take a Covid test, but since they are not doctors, in any way, shape, or form, they partnered with a health company in case the doctor you have, know, and trust advises you against a test—their doctor will tell you to ignore your doctor and get tested.

This second company is not composed of doctors and does not actually do the testing, they just connect you to “a doctor” and collect all of your biometric and government information (Social Security Number and Driver’s License), but I will get to that.

Who is this telehealth company that LFN teams with to get DSUSD stakeholders tested with a PCR test that had its EAU rejected by the FDA and the CDC and to bypass the recommendations of those stakeholders trusted Personal Physicians? Whew.

Before we go there, take a look at this LFN corporate organization chart, note the President is Ryan Quimby. So now we have CEO Mike Sanchez and President Ryan Quimby.

And now for One Health Telemedicine, LLC. First from Hippaspace.

Then from the California SoS pages. One Health was formed in April of 2021 although, akin to LFN, was registered first in Delaware in November of 2020.

Note Mike Sanchez is named as the manager [CEO]. If we return to Hippaspace, we discover One Health is listed as a mental health counselor. Not doctors, scientists, or psychiatrists. No, instead mental health counselors, fitness trainers, one homeless boxer, and one LED light salesman will be gathering your private medical information and genetic code.

Oh my, I forgot to tell you about the LED light salesman didn’t I? My bad, allow me to rectify that.

Ryan Quimby (now Quimby-Johnson) was a light salesman. According to Ryan’s LinkedIn page, he has a BBA in accounting, finance and was a LED light salesman (mostly) right up to April 2020. Does that date sound familiar?

If you said to yourself “Yes, Kenny, that was the date both companies formed in Delaware!”, then winner winner chicken dinner for you. In April 2020 Ryan left and entire careers-worth of knowledge behind to become a <checks notes> fitness trainer and mental health counselor?


Ryan had one other interesting career detour.

Because of course Shanghai, China. Super dodgy.

From lighting to Chinese Language adult school. Hmmm. Another interesting aspect of Ryan Quimby is who he admires.

Super duper dodgy.

To make it even worse, the One Health website looks like it was created by the same person that wrote the famous “Ethnic Studies is not CRT because CRT is only mentioned three times in Ethnic Studies” paragraph for the DSUSD. It is a two-page website, does not say who manufactured the tests used, does not guarantee privacy, and does not state what lab will be used. This is the DSUSD!

Super duper freaky dodgy.

Summaries can be fun, let’s give it a go!

The DSUSD has required their employees, and soon their students to get vaccinated or be tested by a PCR test that the FDA and CDC have stated do not work but can still be used until January. <Forehead slap>

The DSUSD then contracted—I assume contracted— with a Company, LFN Corporate Wellness LLC. The CEO of LFN is Mike Sanchez and the President is Ryan Quimby-Johnson. Sanchez worked in finance, then was homeless, then was a gym trainer, then a home-gym trainer, before becoming starting Living Fit Nation which eventually morphed into LFN Corporate Wellness LLC. Quimby was an LED light salesman, worked for China in Shanghai for a couple of years, and then returned to selling lights before leaving the world of LED lights behind (and a career worth of knowledge and experience) and joining Sanchez as fitness trainer when LFN was officially formed as an LLC in Delaware in 2020… but they lived and worked in California.

Sanchez and Quimby cannot collect personal information or test for covid themselves apparently, because they formed another company at the same time called One Health Telemedicine. It is not clear if the DSUSD pays both companies, but it would seem so. One Health is listed as mental wellness consulting company, but it’s website only shows covid testing. DSUSD is trying to force their employees (and soon their students) to give personal and private, medical, and biometric AND genetic code (DNA) to a gym trainers and light salesmen that have no experience with medical or genetic data.

The word on the street is that the DSUSD is also playing fast and loose with private medical information on the home court. The anecdotal evidence of test kits with private info laying around rooms and offices, or very public hand-out and collection methods have been numerous and concerning.

No warrant needed, just hand your DNA over to the boxer and the light salesman. No privacy is guaranteed or even inferred. If your doctor doesn’t think you should get tested, DSUSD will make sure you connect with a doctor that says you do, if you want a second opinion or not. You then “voluntarily” hand over what any TeeeVeeee watcher can tell you the cops would need a warrant to obtain. Where that info goes, nobody knows. My guess is somewhere in Shanghai.

—Kenny, from The Tavern