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The Fascist Nature of the Modern Left

Unfortunately, it has become impossible to deny we in the United States are facing a Fascist conspiracy plotted and carried out by the Democrat Party and those who support them. Indeed, the Party has evolved into a movement that can only be described as a partnership of individuals and groups who are dedicated to the destruction of America, intending to replace it with a Fascist-Left government.

First, a brief discussion of why I call them Fascists as opposed to Marxists. Many conservative commentators use the latter term for the subversive movement afoot in the country — notably, Fox News host and BlazeTV personality Mark Levin, who just wrote a book “American Marxism.” There are others who also call it Marxism. They are wrong, missing the cues that tell us what is really going on.

What we see developing in the U.S. is not Marxism, which founders Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels saw as a movement of the masses, the workers, rising up to overthrow capitalism and the autocratic governments that subsidized it. The flaw in that theory is that workers want no part of Marxism: It limits opportunities, depresses wages and prevents people from improving their lot in life. Our U.S. Fascists recognize that flaw, and determined to work around it. Therefore, the sedition of the Democrats is the classic Mussolini-Hitlerian style of Fascism.

What is being brewed in the caldrons of the Left is a political oligarchy with totalitarian aspirations, ideologically based in a relationship of business and a centralized government co-opting corporations for control of the market place, repressing criticism or opposition through a leadership elite that exalts the state above individual rights.  Such a system has no moral compunction about bending the rules, breaking the law, race-baiting, and violence against largely unarmed populations.

Those were the tactics of Adolf Hitler and the Fascist Nazis. Those were the tactics of Benito Mussolini of the Italian Fascists. Those are the tactics of Joe Biden’s mysterious unseen handlers along with the treasonous Democrat House and Senate leadership

The issue of race-baiting should be obvious to all but those who refuse to see it. Hitler made race-baiting about the Jews. Mussolini made it about the Catholics. The Democrats are making it about white people.

The Democrats and their useless brainwashed minions demonize white people with Critical Race Theory (CRT), indoctrinate public school students with the fraudulent scholarship of The New York Times’1619 Project” and foment fear, hate and vitriol among white Americans through the rhetoric of Black Lives Matter.

In Fascist practice, there is a sinister government-business axis that controls the economy and information. It also generates fear. Fascist Democrats have created an unholy alliance of the Party, academia, and media corporations, a triumvirate that enables the elite in power to silence their critics, hide the truth from the public and preach the Big Lie, further promoted by the media as fact.

This is Hitler’s and Mussolini’s Fascism, not Marx’s and Engels’ Communism.

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Conservatives have for years warned such a movement is afoot in America, only to be dismissed as crackpots pushing far-right conspiracy theories with no basis in truth. Yet, immediately after World War II, historians and commentators began shifting Fascist theory from the Left side of the political spectrum in an effort to pin it on the Right, setting up the Fascist Left’s attack on democracy and capitalism.

It was only when the Fascist movement believed it was strong enough to rear its ugly head and begin its long-planned takeover that it stopped vilifying the CIA and FBI as tools of the Right. In fact, the former rhetoric of the 1950s and 1960s from the Democrats has disappeared completely as the Party has co-opted those agencies into doing the Left’s dirty work.

All one needs to do to prove this to themselves is examine the illogical exoneration of Hillary Clinton from her self-inflicted email scandal when FBI Director James Comey declined to refer her for prosecution in the lead-up to the 2016 election. There is also the “Trump-Russia” hoax, the lies told about a satirical video being the catalyst for the Benghazi massacres and the non-stop criticism, lies and bashing of President Trump by Leftist media outlets, led by CNN and MSNBC, throughout his presidency.

Once the Left stole the 2020 election by using massive ballot-box stuffing, forgery and perhaps even fraudulently printed ballots shipped from China, they could reveal their true agenda, and they have swiftly done so. It took at least a generation, however, to get to this point.

A bit of Marxist theory as developed in Soviet Russia is included among today’s Fascist Democrat strategies, but that small flavoring does not make them Marxists. Despite years of claiming to be for “the people” — the blue-collar worker, union members, the farmer, etc. — the Party has never really made any tangible legislative effort on those population segment’s behalf.

Time and again they have proven they have no intention of lifting up the middle class. The Party prefers to establish an Hitlerian oligarchy to run a Fascist government as opposed to having to depend on the unwashed masses to endorse, support or defend them.

The Soviet KGB had a four-pronged attack plan that would have undermined American character and drive. Fortunately for us, the Soviet system was corrupt, rotten from within, and too unstable for the effort to work. But the KGB nonetheless had set the plan in motion before the ideological collapse of the USSR. Unfortunately for us, Fascist inheritors of the American Left took over the strategy and continued it toward fruition.

The first step in the plan is Demoralization. It takes 15-20 years, the typical time for a generation to be educated. In fact, over the last 30 years, Fascist ideology has pumped radical socialism into the soft heads of three generations of America’s youth without effective challenge. Leftist educators dedicated to destruction of the U.S. have managed to remove American values and American patriotism from public schools, colleges and universities.

Those ideals have been replaced by a fraudulent questioning of American values, of the history of the U.S. itself and an introduction of curricula that undermines the concepts of individual freedoms, liberites, rights and privileges. The Fascists ideology dictates it is the State is what must be served and that the people, the masses — the very segment of the population the Fascist Democrats have claimed to champion — are servants of the State.

Demoralization is mostly complete. In fact, it likely is overly-accomplished, as Fascist teachings have reached into areas that Hitler, Stalin, Mao or other tyrannical socialists could hardly have hoped to achieve. Most of it has been done by Americans to Americans, thanks to an accompanying destruction of historical moral standards that academia has embraced.

From the Fascist viewpoint, it is important to demoralize the enemy because it robs the targeted population of its ability to process valid information. Even when demoralization targets are showered with authentic proof of contrary positions, they simply refuse to believe it.

Demoralization is quite obvious among today’s young people. Their faith in their country has been systematically destroyed throughout their lives by the academic and media establishment. To take a recent high-profile example, the New York Times’ fraudulent “1619 Project” argues that American history actually begins with the arrival of black slaves in North America and that the Revolutionary War was fought by the colonists to preserve slavery.

The premise is absurd on its face but has been embraced by public school administrators, teachers’ unions and higher education. Although comprehensively debunked by actual historians and even though Nikole Hanna-Jones, the original author, has admitted her core thesis was s lie, the 1619 Project is now part of a large number of school curricula across the United States.

Destabilization is the second step in the process of American destruction. It is a much faster process, taking only two to five years, and with Biden’s election, it has begun in earnest. Here, the fundamentals of the population’s economic, political and cultural systems are targeted, while dispirited people cannot mount much of a defense due to the success of the Fascists’ demoralization phase.

Fascists are targeting the two main components of Capitalism to achieve this stage of their bloodless coup: The economy and the military. In the U.S., the Bill Gates, Jeff Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Jack Dorsey, Warren Buffet, Mary T. Barra, Kevin Systrom, the late Steve Jobs and their ilk had bought into a surprising and disturbing number of Fascist Left ideological concepts. All had adopted the Big Lies of the Left even before Trump was elected — man-caused climate change, open borders, a “racist” America and then later the preposterous concept of “treason” committed by Donald Trump.

For its part, the U.S. military has abandoned its primary responsibility of defending the nation for the woke priority of indoctrinating young soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen, Coast Guardsmen and Space Force assignees with the idea that America is a racist country. Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III has vehemently denied before Congress that the DoD is preaching CRT, but a number of statements indicate he is sold out to indoctrinating the military with CRT at the expense of combat readiness.

These are the ideas designed to succeed in destabilizing America. The irony is, none of the people spewing the propaganda actually believes in it. They don’t have to. All they need to do is get the last three brain-washed generations to believe them. Those undereducated masses will do the dirty work of brow-beating, cowering and defeating the rest of us who know better.

It’s easy to see how the American Left has destabilized entire segments of modern society after demoralizing them. They claim to see enemies everywhere, while asserting no pro-American authority can be trusted.

Not coincidentally, hostile foreign powers like Communist China and Iran are reaching out to destabilized American communities and offering themselves as guides and allies. Their sales pitches aren’t exactly smooth, but they definitely are making an effort.

The third stage of the KGB plan embraced by our native-born Fascists is Crisis. It is self-explanatory. The most subtle benefit of a crisis is that it tends to delegitimize aspects of the existing system that have already been softened up by the long process of demoralization and destabilization. Those who control the organs of public communication have the power to decide which aspects of the system are supposedly affected by the crisis. Government feeds only the information the Leftist elites want disseminated while the social media platforms silence opposition viewpoints.

We have seen this repeatedly throughout the CCP virus pandemic. Take as a primary case-in-point “America’s Frontline Doctors.” This vanguard of CCP virus-response physicians, nurses and researchers forcefully challenged the Big Lie of the CDC and social media deliberately misrepresenting the proven effective early-onset treatments of the virus through prescriptions of hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. The doctors held numerous media events around the country to denounce that Big Lie, including the most famous such event on the U.S. Capitol steps.

They were vilified on CNN and MSNBC. Facebook and Twitter banned their videos with many of those medical professionals becoming the victims of scurrilous lies about their credentials, their qualifications to speak on the subject, even their character and honesty.

That was a year ago, and they have now been proven right. Yet most Americans to this day do not know that America’s Frontline Doctors told the truth. Most Americans still believe the two drugs are “dangerous” and cannot be trusted, just as they believe no physician who prescribes them should be allowed to continue to practice medicine in the U.S.

The threat of a crisis is essential for terrorizing the middle class into accepting a political agenda that is actively hostile to its interests, which leads to the fourth stage of subversion: The offer to make the pain and fear go away by accepting political domination.

That is called Normalization, and we should begin seeing the first stages of this last step very soon.

After a crisis, with a violent change of the power structure and economy — as we have already seen since Biden and his spooky, invisible handlers took office — there is a so-called period of Normalization that may last indefinitely. Normalization is a cynical expression coined from Soviet propagandists.

Not surprisingly, it was also the core theme of the 2020 Democrat presidential campaign. The Fascist Party called it “unity,” and Biden continues to speak of it, even though it has become a meaningless platitude when he uses it.

A great historical example of this final step is from 1968, when Soviet tanks moved into Czechoslovakia to quell an uprising of democracy. Soviet Premier Leonid Brezhnev said, “Now the situation in brotherly Czechoslovakia is ‘normalized.’”

This has already happened in the United States, as we have allowed these schmucks to bring the country to crisis (check), to promise people all kinds of goodies and a paradise on Earth (check), to destabilize our economy (working), to eliminate the principle of free-market competition (working), and to put in power a Big Brother government in Washington, D.C. featuring benevolent dictator Joe Biden (check) who promises lots of things — never mind the promises cannot be fulfilled.

The American version of this Fascist plot will (hopefully) not end with the mass execution of inconvenient intellectuals as has happened in other Fascist-Socialist countries. Nonetheless, a metaphorical lining up and shooting of intellectuals has already happened. The victims: “Lockdown Forever” enthusiasts.

Last year, these imbeciles were hammering out passionate arguments that American businesses must remain shuttered for weeks or months to come, and anyone who dared to question their dire warnings was a selfish monster willing to kill other people’s grandmothers to pad out their 401(k) accounts.

In the blink of an eye, “Lockdown Forever” went from being the vital engineers of a politically useful crisis to becoming inconvenient obstacles to the new crisis: White supremacy demanding unlimited protests/riots/looting by BLM and Antifa

Most of the lockdown gurus sensed the paradigm shift in the political winds and quickly trimmed their sails, hammering out new screeds that claimed protesters are probably immune to the coronavirus somehow, or even more incredibly, that another outbreak would be a small price to pay for righteous political activism that put evil white supremacy to an end.

The same medical activists who were shrieking in March 2020 that the coronavirus could kill millions of Americans if lockdowns were not imposed immediately, and who were obsessed with calculations that showed the CCP virus is exceptionally deadly to the black community abruptly changed their narrative. It is not uncommon among all brands of socialists, but particularly true of Fascists.

Suddenly the risk of millions of deaths, 70 percent of them supposedly most likely to be black Americans, meant nothing compared to the vital urgency of “ending white supremacy.” Therein may lie a bridge too far for the Democrats, an end to the farce of their silent revolution

We don’t think Democrats believed people would rise up in protest of Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project and a war on non-existent “white supremacy.” We don’t believe they expected a hostile backlash to masks, lockdown orders and demands the public be vaccinated en masse, even against their will if need be, or that so-called “vaccine passports” be required for work, school or travel.

But that is precisely what is happening. School boards across the country are being assailed by angry parents of all races who do not want CRT taught to their children. They want an end to mask mandates for their children in schools because they see the research does not support the imposition of mandatory masking in classrooms and that it is actually harmful in both the short- and long term to prepubescent school aged children.

The protests are spilling over into politics. Gov. Gavin Newsome (D-CA) is facing a recall election he will almost certainly lose in September. Polls show five Republicans lead the race to replace him before the first Democrat shows up in the statistics. She is in single digits. Since the November elections, there have been seven special elections to fill congressional seats in the U.S. All have been won by Republicans, narrowing Nancy Pelosi’s majority in the House to only two votes.

There is more love for this country as it was founded than there is for any “reimagining” of it by Fascist Left Democrats who seek to impose a totalitarian oligarchy.

The fight is just beginning. For success, we have to keep fighting right on through the Presidential Election of 2024. If we don’t, the Fascists will win, and the United States of America will be no more.

“Mike Nichols is a conservative, a patriot, U.S. Army veteran, behavioral therapist, political enthusiast, sports fan and writer living with his beautiful wife Liz in the Heartland. He has a regular blog at and a Facebook presence at”