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Far Right Extremist Meme

Far Right Extremist Meme:

Far Right Extremist meme

My Take on this Far Right Extremist Meme:

As this “Far Right Extremist meme” shows, it doesn’t take much nowadays to be labeled a far right extremist by our friends on the left. I used to think you could identify a far right extremist by seeing if they were a neo-Nazi or subscribed to some other reprehensible ideology.

Instead, according to this poster, it turns out that behaving in ways that were traditionally expected of American citizens is now extremist behavior. Avoiding drugs, promiscuity, and spending time outdoors used to be virtues that Americans would strive for. If the Social Justice Warriors that made this “info sheet” rule us, then I guess we will turn away from them. That won’t end well. In fact, it will end disastrously if we accept their premises that the virtues mentioned in this far right extremist meme are not virtues, but rather problems.

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And that could make the left label you a far right extremist, or a deplorable! How crazy is that? Being a responsible, patriotic, or normal citizen will now get you blacklisted. I think that is ridiculous and will end poorly for the Western world. It will lead to people being afraid to say what they think, leaders holding back from leading for fear of being slandered by the left, and leftist extremists running amok and ruining our Western culture in the name of progressive ideals.

Without the people listed in this chart, who will be in the military? Who will stand up for their homeland domestically and abroad?No one. Everyone who would or could will have been shunned by society. Labeling patriots as “far right extremists” will be disastrous for society.

Stand up to that and keep doing what you think is right, as Epictetus says to do! (If you’re interested in the thought of Epictetus on living correctly, check out my recent post on that subject.) There is only one way to live, well. Even if if means the left will label you as a far right extremist.

And make no mistake, they will. That’s all the left has left in this era of toxic, cancel-culture politics that focus on taking offense and faking outrage and victimhood, not facts and logic. It’s absurd, pathetic, and sad. But, it’s the reality of the situation, as exemplified by this far right extremist meme.

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The left will do anything to attack and discredit conservatives. Slander reputations, attack those that disagree with them and mercilessly pursue those that they consider evil. Of course, the people they consider evil, as you can see in this far right extremist meme, aren’t evil at all. They’re just normal people trying to go about their daily lives in the best way possible.

We conservatives need to start standing up to the bullies on the left that do whatever they want whenever they want. They slander our names, literally shoot our politicians, use school to influence our children, and riot and protest wildly whenever something happens that they disagree with. Meanwhile, they attack anyone who fits the criteria of this far right extremist meme. That is to say, anyone who is a normal person.

And make no mistake, despite the fact that someone did come up with the content of this far right extremist meme, many Americans out there are normal. There are many young conservatives. There are many people that do not think that being anti-drug and pro-religion makes you a crazy extremist. In fact, I would say they are the majority of people. A silent majority perhaps, but a majority nonetheless.

Let’s stand up to those bullies and fight back against their attempts to ruin our lives! Now is the time to fight back. Otherwise, all might be lost. We’re better, more honorable people. We can fight back and win. All that’s necessary is developing the will to do so.

It is like with most things. Reason can only win if reasonable people speak up in support of what they believe in. Good can only triumph over evil if good people speak up about what they see going on around them. As Edmund Burke said, “all that’s necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

So, us normal people, the people who think this far right extremist meme is funny, need to start speaking up in support of what they believe. Be the one who actually fights back for traditional American values. Our nation was built on virtue, the sort of virtue the cancel culture Red Guard wants to destroy, as this far right extremist meme shows. That’s a key piece of both The Federalist Papers and The Anti-Federalist Papers.

But that virtue, which was integral to the survival of the early American Republic and crucial to our continued success, will disappear if we do not stand up for it. Now is the time to do so. Laugh at this far right extremist meme, sure, but also start to stand up for what you know to be virtues that the leftists deride as making you a “bitter clinger” or “deplorable.” You are not. You are a good, traditional American that stands for virtue rather than the decaying morals of a decaying civilization. Keep standing for virtue. It is what the Founding Fathers would want.

By: Gen Z Conservative