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Why Do Intelligent Kids Fall for Wokeism?

I start out asking the kind of question that usually appears at the end of my thought.

Why Lord; Where do the children get these Ideas?

Sorry for the Deity reference but it was the only sentence that made sense. We have strayed so far from our founding principles that we murder a nearly a million children a year and call it women’s rights; we restrict or deny a man (or women’s) inherent right to defend themselves from whatever force seeks to take their liberty or their property and say that we are stopping evil events by denying the only thing that actually works to stop evil events and protect the victim.

We fight to our last breath to give the right to allow ‘transgender athletes‘ to cross the gender line to compete in a sport as the gender they identify in, thus denying the rights of the ‘real-girl’ athletes to have a chance to win; plus, we claim that America is evil when our history is the fight against evil. The evil of empire, the evil of slavery, the evil of Jim Crow (a Democrat concoction) the evil of Nazism, the evil of Communism (until Communism and Fascism blossomed in America as of late) all confronted and defeated by the U.S. of A. Both of those ideologies, by the way, are manifestations of the left, of rule from above, from a Leviathan.

Anarchy is a tool used by these ideologies to achieve their goals of destroying a legitimate government, a government derived from the will of the people.

This blossoming of Leftist ideology, as of late, is now the most diabolical and deadly (to the state of individual freedom) we have seen in almost a century. In fact I would say that it is much worse. Even in the Civil War, or the War of Secession, we were a nation divided, two sides of the same country with similar ideals of American greatness, opposed across a physical boundary of the Mason Dixon Line and the ideological boundary of slavery.

Now we are one country in geographic terms but we as are opposed in our basic ideals as two fighters approaching in the center of a ring.

The immigrants that used to come to this country to be Americans now come here demanding we change our rules and core tenets to incorporate the ideals of the country they left. One side, let’s call them the Democrats, wants top-down authority, a healthcare system run by Leviathan government and forced onto people under penalty of law and sees the illegal population as a way to force their will onto the opposition. They are demanding that even your private insurance carriers include riders you neither want nor need but can’t opt-out of. They pass diktats that would permanently exclude the other, let’s call them the Republicans Party with the opposing viewpoint that the individual, not the Leviathan Government itself, is the reason for government in the first place. Meanwhile, those on the Republican side fan uselessly at the passing political parade.


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We, as Americans, used to understand that an all-seeing, overbearing Statist Leviathan was a Communist dream, the anathema of ‘America the free’, but we have been sold a bill of goods by everyone from our trusted news reporters to our beloved school teachers who were themselves sold the same bill of goods only in a less odious form going back only a few generations. One slice off the loaf of freedom at a time until we are looking at the specter of having our property rights taken to be redistributed in the name of fairness. When the State controls everything and gives you back a living wage and cubicle for shelter, your freedom is gone, you are a monkey in a cage, waiting anxiously for the next shock of stimulus.

Make no mistake, as the model has shown before, the loss of freedom will creep like rust throughout the entire system until those at the top are the only ones that have any property and/or freedom. This model doesn’t spread the wealth, it only spreads misery because what are you going to do when you run out of other people’s money and no one is producing anything?

Communism is not designed to produce anything, it only feeds off jealousy and fear. Jealousy that someone somewhere has more than you and fear that the government, which is the originator of stuff, will take some of your stuff away.

And, ultimately Communism wants to be the originator of life. Children conceived and incubated in State facilities, educated in State schools, taught the approved Statist curriculum, sent to the job designated to the correct class of human as determined by THE STATE. And at every step, the state has the ability to nullify your existence. A birth defect detected in utero (or ideally in the Petri dish) and you are nullified, displaying traits in youth, such as too much independent thought, nullified; low test scores or aptitude scores for the worker designees, nullified; fraternizing, or not fraternizing, with the right crowd, nullified; disagreeing with a boss or arguing with a coworker nullified; live too long nullified, nullified, nullified, nullified. Cancel culture is just the onramp to complete statist control.

They want to control your birth your life and your death. They want to be your God.

Why Lord? Where do these kids get these ideas?

Why do these intelligent kids fall for wokeism?

By: David Gignac. Follow Gen Z on Parler, Gab, and Facebook