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FAKE HATE CRIME: Viterbo University Experiences Unnecessary Racial Animus

This story is a bit convoluted, mainly because it can be hard to discern the truth in this sort of situation. As a brief overview before getting into the details, here’s what happened: first, a black student at Viterbo supposedly found a number of racist messages on her door, then, thinking the university didn’t do enough to combat racism, a student set her dorm on fire in a fake hate crime. Here are the details.

1. The Racist Messages

These are the messages that spawned this whole issue:

It’s not clear if the messages were real or if they, like the fire, were faked. In any case, the university took them seriously and sent out this email:

The text messages on the side are from the student that supposedly received the threatening messages.

But, as always, this supposed issue couldn’t be let alone and instead had to devolve into a full-blown seminar on the evils of racism. That leads to part two of the fake hate crime at Viterbo saga.

2. The Privilege Seminar

Going back in time for a moment, it’s important to understand what type of school this is. Back in March of 2019, Viterbo University held a seminar that was full of your typical anti-racism, critical race theory fare.

According to the College Fix, it claimed that trying to be colorblind was the epitome of white privilege, attacked getting an internship as a sign of socioeconomic privilege, and said that being able to celebrate Christmas was a sign of “Christian privilege.” So, it was full of the typical leftist nonsense.

Why is that important? Because it shows that Viterbo is not some racist institution full of crazed racists. Rather, it’s a leftist university, even among other left-leaning institutions of higher learning. To me, that means the messages were likely faked.

3. The Fake Hate Crime: Arson in the Dorms

On April 19th, WXOW reported that a Viterbo University student, “Victoria Unanka, was arrested on charges of arson and mishandling of flammable objects.” Her dorm was full of smoke and various things in the room, including the carpet, were singed and slightly burned. The student told investigators that she set the fire because “no one was listening to me anymore.”

So, in other words, Ms. Unanka created a fake hate crime by setting fire to her dorm room because people were no longer listening to her about the dorm-room messages that might have been fake anyway. Makes sense.

What this Shows

I know that this story isn’t as nice and tidy as we might like. It’s not clear if the original messages were real or fake, although I suspect that they were faked. Most hate crimes of that sort are.

But, in any case, the final example shows the big problem for the left: racism in America is experiencing a supply and demand crunch. The left wants the supply of racist incidents to be high so that they have much about which they can complain. The problem is, that supply just isn’t there. So they make up incidents. Jussie Smollett. Bubba Wallace. This case at Viterbo. Etc. They’re all just made up. America isn’t a racist nation, however much leftists want it to be.

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  1. I do hope the student that started the fake hate crimes saga was thrown out on her racist ass!

  2. Actually it sounds a t bit like the University and the students all deserve each other. The most popular class is likely Victimhood 101.

  3. The woke are so desperate to believe their own crud narrative. Hoax or not this time, why no “disgust” and investigations when a black prison guard says, “I hate all white people” to jailed Capitol protestors, or a black college professor wants to “round up and gas white people”.

  4. The “woke” are mentally unbalanced, spiritually bankrupt, and with all the characteristics of a pig, except loyalty.


    the only good democRAT is a DEAD DEMOCrat

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