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Faith Icon Sends Message of Support to the Canadian Truckers

Franklin Graham, son of famed evangelist Billy Graham, is one of the best known and greatest men of the faith in America. When others remain silent, he stands for the faith, always advocating for what the Bible actually says rather than what the Bible’s critics and timid supporters want it to say and thus bringing many people who want a realistic rendition of the faith into the arms of Christ.

But the Christian faith, though the main topic on which he speaks, isn’t the only thing he’s willing to talk about or advocate for. A real American patriot, he’s also willing to use his massive platform, famous name, and well-earned credibility to take a stand for liberty.

He recently did so in a Facebook post, sharing a message with his massive audience in support of the Canadian truckers and saying:

THANK YOU TRUCKERS! Your voice has not only been heard, but your stand for freedom has shaken the socialist politicians in Canada and around the world.

He’s right, the truckers have shaken the socialists around the world, causing them to scurry for their holes, as Trudeau first did when the truckers arrived in Ottawa and started honking, or to overreact and let the mask of “liberal democracy” slip, exposing their tyrannical tendencies, something Trudeau also has done/

The Wall Street Journal editorial board, noting both the cowardly approach and tyrannical approach in a recent op-ed, had this to say:

The truckers protest against vaccine mandates, vilified by Mr. Trudeau as “racist” and “violent,” has been peaceful, but not every peaceful protest is legal. Blocking roads and border crossings disrupts lives and commerce. Government’s job is to maintain public order while respecting civil liberties.

Canada has failed on both scores. For weeks authorities tried to wish away the problem. When that failed, Mr. Trudeau overreached, invoking new powers before Canadian jurisdictions had tried to enforce existing law…

[…]On Thursday Ottawa police, with provincial and federal help, finally came out in numbers, blocked highway exits, set up a perimeter and checkpoints and arrested blockade leaders….

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[…]Protests aren’t emergencies, and Western leaders had better get used to handling civil disobedience firmly without traducing civil liberties. Mr. Trudeau criminalized a protest movement, deputizing financial institutions, without due process or liability, to find and freeze personal accounts of blockaders and anyone who helps them. These extraordinary measures are a needless abuse of power.

Though the stance against the tactics of the truckers will likely rankle some readers, the overall depiction of what happened that the op-ed provides is spot on, and shows just how accurate Reverend Franklin Graham’s depiction of what the truckers are doing is.

They, by parking their trucks, honking their horns, and waving a few Canadian flags, shook the socialist government of Canada to its very core and frightened the tyrants all around the Western world that have kept their countries locked down or have imposed mandates on their citizens

. Now, those governments have to back down or overreact, and it’s the truckers that should be thanked for providing that massive shock to the system.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.