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The Failure of Educators and the Power of the Deep State

Teachers are miraculous creations of nature. Good teachers are born, not made.

Although it is possible for people, with education, dedication, and desire to transform themselves into teachers, a lot of the teachers you meet are in the profession for the paycheck and a comfortable place to work. Probably they took an advanced curriculum in High School, continued with an education major for the range of opportunities at the back end, found themselves teaching 5th-grade arithmetic, and can’t figure out what happened to their dreams.

But teaching is a noble profession, one which entails giving facts and hopefully a love of learning to people, especially children, to whom they are not related. In an effort to impart knowledge, and to continue adding to the collected wisdom of the world, these professionals first take on a higher learning protocol that is guaranteed to land them in a mid-level pay bracket as compared to other professions, somewhere around 40% less than other jobs with comparable education requirements.

Or, alternately, they’re there to turn young minds toward a monolithic, one world, globalist, totalitarian state hive-mind where your opinions are given to you and any deviation from the prescribed dogma is met with forced reeducation. These are not teachers but ideologues whose political goals outweigh whatever altruism they may have once had. They are the opposite of teachers; they are more like prison guards.

These are the competing visions for shaping thought we are faced with today. One, the continuity of Western thought that is the continuation of a conversation that started with Socrates and Plato along with Euripides and Sophocles, Euclid and Pythagoras at the beginning of, what is known, as Ancient Greece, where it was proposed that man could think past his problems of the moment, to philosophical clarity and universal truth.

And the other, a dead-end of bureaucratic credo, where children are put into ideological egg crates and force-fed a narrative of the world, bland and dim, constructed to move them into the next rung of socialist ‘teaching’.

To qualify these differences, I started to diagram an interview with a sampling of teachers by making a list of questions to probe educators with, to determine the penumbra of educational thought today. I was on the cusp of putting this list into a cogent kind of order so as to create a sort of timeline of the thought process it took to decide to want to be a teacher, to become a teacher and then to teach. Problem is… I don’t know any teachers anymore.

Which is an unnatural feeling for me because when I was growing up, I was surrounded by teachers, teachers in school of course but also, I come from a family of educators, I lived with a mother who put herself through college (eventually receiving a doctorate in education) while raising two children. Fortunately, she had two marvelous parents who helped immeasurably in taking the 3 and 7 year old brats for several days at a time not only giving us a family grounding but providing a father figure, which is exceptionally important to healthy development.

She had two sisters, my Aunts, who went to college right after High School also working and studying to pay for their education. One sister taught at schools up and down the eastern seaboard, traveling with her navy husband. Eventually moving to Detroit MI, working in a HUD office. The other sister married well, to a future accountant, she met at Boston college but I am sure the education she received was used all of her life. 

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The point is that the teachers they learned from and the educators they became made them part of an honored profession, of passing on learning to help their students become members of a time-honored and well-revered chain of knowledge passed from teacher to student looking back through 5000 years of history. Like passing a baton in an Olympic relay race each teacher gave the baton of knowledge to each student in a class, maybe 20-30 students at a time. And through that 5000 years of lessons, turned into learning, we created the most unbelievably rich society to ever exist anywhere ever.

But getting back to the beginning of teaching, of structured learning, and the schools and the outdoor class rooms that the great philosophers, mathematicians, artists, poets and politicians assembled in to discuss theories of geometry, astronomy, calculus and medicine, along with every other way to expand knowledge that reason and insight could expose. They, of course, got their elementary learning from earlier civilizations but as far as having the ‘university’ of deductive reasoning it could be argued they were unique.


And in that time we also had the Punic Wars 1,2 and 3 that established Rome as the dominant power in the Mediterranean, Greece and their Spartan warrior class had long since waned, but the learning and knowledge was subsumed by the Romans, a marvelous people whose greatest claim to fame (other than killing Christ) in my opinion, was to allow their conquered foes to retain their culture but to incorporate it into greater Roman society through taxation and garrisoning of troops to help assimilate the conquered into the Pax Romana or Roman Peace.

Afterwards many societies passed on the learning of the Greeks as well as the faith of the Jews and (now Christians)

But even after Western Rome was conquered in 456 AD most of the idea of Rome continued in the Byzantine Empire including The fortified city of Constantinople, during what we usually refer to as the Dark or Middle Ages

With the Christian Crusades and Muslim JIHAD  vying for dominance of Jerusalem and what we now call the Middle East, Greek learning was only really kept alive by the monasteries and thousands of monks copying millions of words and creating beautiful illuminated books that allowed education and Catholic teachings to be preserved in the  western world until the Italian Renaissance, a French word meaning rebirth, to flower in Florence and Vienna  and Eastern Orthodox religion to perpetuate in Greece and Russia.

So how did we get here, where learning, government, and the arts were all evolving; cave art gave way to cuneiform and hieroglyphics, which were replaced by a Greek alphabet which allowed more complicated communication. Writing was also evolving in China and Meso America but the Latin language in most of the world developed through the Tigris and Euphrates and Sinai cultures distilled into Greco-Roman forms and passed around the known world through conquest and assimilation. Charlemagne developed standards that helped codify the language in 800 AD resulting in an ease of adoption and teaching the written language and he, in turn, passed it to a succession of Frankish Holy Roman Emperors.

The printing press 600 years later continued this trend toward taking the written language from the exclusive domain of the church and distributing text and art to previously uneducated masses. It moved the Renaissance, which started about a century earlier in Northern Italy, to a different level. The dissemination of the written word and the knowledge passed between people erupted in an explosion of thought, ideas that the church had sequestered for thousands of years made public to learn from and discuss. It made Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation possible. Church doctrine and thought and philosophy were open to the common man and new ideas spread like a brush fire. And behind this spreading fire came a revival of Hellenistic philosophy that hand in glove overflowed the former Roman Empire into the countries of France and England, Scotland and Ireland.

It led to exploration, a race amongst empires to find new land to colonize and trade with. Which is a very long way to go to talk about modern education in America but it seems to be a sticking point in today’s conversation.

Part of this conversation, Critical Race Theory, posits that America was founded simply as a way to continue slavery onto a new continent. That Columbus, the Pilgrims, John Smith, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and a very long list of others perpetrated The United States of America on Africans to make slavery an institution for the benefit of the white man.


A small detour into Critical Thought Theory will reveal that not only was the ship that brought these 20 to 30 slaves filled with spoils from The African-Portuguese War, brought to Hispaniola, present-day Cuba, and neighboring islands, but it was approximately 150 years before the Revolution to form America was begun. Furthermore, slavery is indisputably not an institution that is in any way unique to the world of the 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, or will it be unique to any epoch in human history.

I argue that Cain forcing his will on brother Able, or the first proto-human to bash another on the head to take his property if you like, was the first instance of slavery in the world. The thought that I can use my superior strength, or superior numbers to take your labor, or even the product of your labor, for free is all that is necessary for slavery to exist. And even Nicole Hanna Jones, the troll that convinced the NY Times to back her odious fever dream would have to admit that slavery has been around in the world since the beginning of time.

The Sumerians had slaves, the Assyrians had slaves, the Babylonians had slaves, The Chinese (past and present) were and are world-class slavers using tens of thousands of slaves to build the Great Wall and sneakers.

The Egyptians, The Etruscans, The Greeks, The Romans, The Venetians, everyone throughout history had slaves, whether they were spoils of war or victims of debt or sexual desires; slavery has existed in every form, and not only that, it still does.

Human trafficking in the Far East, Near East former Soviet Union, Europe, and on our southern border. Drug smugglers, some are kingpins but most are mules. Mules are people who do the actual dangerous work of getting the physical drugs across our border, in return for the safety of their families, but that is ancillary to the discussion of Race theory being taught in our schools and only speaks to the broader problem of communist global doctrine being perpetrated on America through the school system.

American schools, and schools around the world, used to be tasked with turning out the most well educated, well rounded, children that were possible, in the furtherance of the country.

Every country wanted the brightest minds to be active in the development of the ideals and strength of their country.

But at some time, maybe in the turmoil of the ’60s, maybe in the disillusionment of the ’50s or maybe, as I tend to think with Woodrow Wilson and the ushering in of the ‘Progressive era‘, continuing with FDR as the government took a larger and larger role in the lives of individual Americans.  


Education abandoned its mandate in favor of shaping society. I would also point to the teacher’s unions, who seem to have abandoned the welfare of the child in favor of the Politics of the Left. Who have this year, refused to go back to work for fear of the little virus whose transmission from children is nil. I have a feeling it is more a directive from the Globalist Masters to ‘equalize’ the world by tearing down America.

And to that end, it seems, the 1619 project and the Critical Race Theory it is based on, is a false narrative by Nikole Hannah-Jones of the New York Times.

And while 1619 was awarded a Pulitzer, an award that used to be given for the highest achievements in journalism, it now seems to be more of a gift for the most adherence to the new-left political narrative.

In the realm (vein) of yellow journalism, this would make William Randolph Hearst envious. Any actual facts that are presented in the essay are of an event that was previously the formation of this country, by people of other countries who were participating in the slave trade, which as I explained in detail earlier, were part of world history participated in by every nation and ethnicity imaginable, including by Africans and Muslims against Americans.

As I said up top I started a list of questions for teachers that I will post for anyone who would like to participate.

questionsanswersorder to ask questions
Name 1
State (where certified)? 2
From where did you graduate? 3
Was closing schools right/necessary?                 4
Do masks de-socialize leading to more violence?  
Do you belong to a teachers union?  
Do you think unions should represent childs’ interests or just teachers?  
Do you have children in school?  
If so what ages?  
Who represents the childs’ interests  
Do you support. a strong PTA  
Have you heard of critical race theory? (explanation) explanation of CRT
Do you agree with CRT – explain  
In talking about school safety, how would you handle it  
Did you participate in remote schooling  
Do you like remote learning?  
Is it a solution for the future?  
Do you have a preference for remote schooling (i.e. Remote govt school or private school)  
Do you support gender identity where boys can compete in girls’ sports and use the girls bathrooms and vis-versa  
How far can teacher (who are responsible for order) use corporal punishment?  
How do you deal with unruly children  

What can be done? Recently there was a school board that was ousted by disgruntled parents in Dallas TX. They took matters into their own hands, in true American fashion, and fixed that particular problem. It gives an example of what Tom DeWeese at The American Policy Center has been saying for 30 years: we need to work locally, run for dog catcher if that is the only way to get patriotic voices into the government.

The Left has quietly been doing this for decades, inserting left-wing and communist politicians into any candidacy they have a possibility of winning, George Soros (an actual fascist) has slush funds that finance these operations, and just like that, we allow the takeover of the American way of life.

These America hating politicians, with the help of their handlers, subvert freedom and independence one innocuous bill at a time. But sometimes they are caught displaying their hate like the case in California where school board members resigned after being caught disparaging parents. , Could Southlake Happen in Virginia? 

Education is not an enumerated Federal power even though the Dept. of Ed. (DoED) with their $68b budget would lead you to believe differently. Created in 1980 it has year over year assumed more responsibility for managing the education of American children, and I would bet if there are any studies, they would show a decline in our standing in the world vis a vis educational output. I would also bet that the nihilism, that the doctrine of Leftism is, pervasive in the educational system from transgender story hour in our Kindergartens Gender studies degrees in our Universities.

Also, on many of our most influential campuses there are CCP affiliated Confucius Institutes, organizations which promote themselves as cultural centers but are believed by many in Congress to be overt out lets for propaganda.

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And if the past is a predictor of future activity are hub for infiltration of spies as in the case of the agent that worked in Senator Diane Feinsteins’ home for many years, or Fang Fang, who was the lover of Eric Swalwell (D-CA-15) and 2 mayors that we know of, in smaller towns. We have to assume that the CCPs’ penchant for US intellectual property will be using any means at its disposal to acquire it.

Swalwell, who now works on intelligence committees in the US House of Representatives, of course denies he divulged any sensitive information but he is a Democrat, protected by the ‘cone of silence’ that the US media provides to their own. You have to imagine that, through the Confucius Institute, that Chinese ‘agents’ like Christina Fang have nearly unlimited access to our intellectual property. For those of us who think that America is a country, unique in the history of the world, and the last stand for individual freedom and human liberty, this is traitorous behavior.

Before I was banned from Twitter, one of my most well-received tweets was an image of the US where I’d drawn in increasing long lines signifying border walls, first at the southern border than CA and NY and finally the whole west coast after they opened themselves up to the Chinese Co-V2. I was working on one between the northern US and Canada, but the fact is that the ‘woke’ acceptance of communism in the form of censorship and exclusion of people from the discussion platforms has infiltrated our country from pre-school to corporate America in companies like Coca-Cola and Nike.

I hope that these examples, and many more, including movie and television companies are just instances of our industries, who are committed to profit and value for their shareholders, are only them looking for increased profits from the Chinese markets and not them embracing the Maoist and now ‘Li-est’ doctrine of worldwide conquest and Chinese hegemony.

These are dark and scary times for the forces of freedom, everything we see today speaks of a globalism, championed by the likes of Klaus Schwab and George Soros; Bill Gates and Jack Dorsey, that is monolithic and ever encroaching on our personal space.

But that is not exactly true. The tech companies, the media, and the educational institutions are all subject to the regulation of the US government. At the moment the entire upper echelons of our government are controlled by one side that is trying to make their rule permanent. If we can stop that in the near term we can work on getting back to a balance where one ideology is not able to impose its will on the other half of the people.

There are cracks in the cloud cover, the examples I used earlier of parents rising against a monoculture in education that we have let pervade our educational institutions, examples of fighting back in the cultural domain where every TV show, every movie studio, and all of our social media is pushing us down the path China would like us to follow.

But we have to be ready to take advantage of these breaks to point out the malfeasance of the Leftist (communist) deep state. I use the uncapitalized version of deep state because I am referring to the administrative version, ushered in by Woodrow Wilson as opposed to the CIA/Boeing version President Dwight D Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell address to Congress. And echoed by JFK JFK Speech on the Deep State/Global Cabal which ‘likely’ got him killed.

The swamp is deep my friends.

Since that time, we have had LBJ, who even though he was from Texas, was one of the Big Government Democrat biggest heroes

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Richard Nixon, who, as Republican rode the wave of anti-Vietnam sentiment to the White House. My opinion is still out on him but with both houses of Congress controlled by Democrats, he was someone who was involved in covert wars, probably initiated by the CIA, in Cambodia and Laos opened up China and allowed his team to spy on his political opposition.

After Nixon, Gerald Ford took over following Nixon’s resignation due to the Watergate Scandal

While Ford could boast many conservative bona fides nothing says Deep State like branding yourself a Globalist and picking a Rockefeller as your Vice President.

While having a solid Presidency Gerald Ford lost his election to someone, in Jimmy Carter, who was roundly heralded the gold standard for inept U.S. Presidents. 

My take is somewhat different, he was a liberal Democrat who would position himself in whatever way it took to gain power.  He completely changed his position to conservative talking points when running for governor of Georgia in 1970 and as soon as he took office went back to his positions of 4 years earlier when he lost an election.

As President he ‘fortunately’ committed the US to creating the Strategic Petroleum Reserve which was in place just in time for the Iranian hostage crises which lasted 444 days and featured long lines at the gas stations and odd and even days for allowing you to buy gas. And didn’t stop until Ronald Reagan took office.

He speaks very proudly of the Globalist worldview that he had when visiting China soon after he lost the election. He is in this interview at the Council of Foreign Relations seminar where he boasts of Picking Communist China over freedom-loving Taiwan. 

When you listen to this you will see how, when he says how ‘free’ mainland China is that he has the Democrat tendency to lie with every statement he makes. And of course pushes the false narrative of Earth-threatening Global Cooling, Global Warming, Climate Change that globalist use to usurp power and steal freedom.

Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan: Biography, Facts & Movies – HISTORY

Actor and liberal Democrat turned politician Ronald Reagan overwhelmingly considered to be the Conservative gold standard for American Presidents was and is a hero for the Right. I agree with this but I also consider he had George H. W. Bush, soon to be George Bush the first, ex-CIA Chief and dyed in the wool globalist, as  Vice President. I find it hard to believe that Ronnie didn’t know that the agency chief who has been widely linked to the JFK assassination was coming on board.

Bill Clinton and Hillary (remember they sold themselves as a team)

George W Bush (Bush the younger) oversaw the biggest infringement of individual freedom with ‘The War on Terror’ and initiated the longest war in American history in Afghanistan. At the end of his Presidency, America had the worst financial meltdown in history brought on by the Housing Crises that was caused by Dodd-Frank a bi-partisan bill that forced banks to give house loans with the barest of financial scrutiny.

Barack H Obama

Donald Trump

Remember that Donald Trump was beloved by the left before he came out against the Deep State and their propaganda arm, who I call the American PRAVDA, Fake news.

But the biggest, and most dangerous, Globalist these days is Klaus Schwab and promoting of transhumanism, the combining of biology with technology to produce Borg – like hybrids. I see walking into Starbucks and sitting down having your coffee brought to you because your chipset implant ordered it and your PayPal account sent their account your credits. Or on the more sinister side your account is blocked because you jaywalked. He also is a the biggest promoter of the Great Reset. The Green New Deal without the good parts, just worldwide communism given to you good and hard.

Other actions to rein in The Deep State and the deep state.

Why PA Needs an Anti SLAPP Law

QUIT LISTENING TO and believing the American PRAVDA; CNN, MSNBC, PBS, NYT and any legacy media…

 They are all compromised. Since the times that the NYT openly supported Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, to today when Dean Baquet are complicit in promoting the clearly anti-truth 1619 project. Even Media Matters called them out for falsehoods which, for a liberal paper, you have to really be lying to get Media Matters exposing it.

Support the new media upstarts and alternatives. Rumble over YouTube, Parler over Twitter and Facebook there is also Gab, Bit Chute, MeWe (never used), Brighteon, to wean you off of Facebook and Twitter.

Like I said earlier, I will use my forty-year-old encyclopedia before I will ask Google a question and none of the big aggregators, Yahoo, Microsoft, are any better about privacy and selling your information.

If that is important to you, I recommend Mozilla Foxfire Browser and Duck Duck Go search engine, but the big thing is recognizing the Deep State in the background.

Let’s look at another area of concern that encompasses all of the others; the pandemic, or plandemic, which I have opined on about at length, just keeps rolling on. And why it does is it is the perfect control tool for the Democrats, or the CCP or, as I believe, the Globalist cabal that pulls the strings on governments and Kingdoms and has been around controlling events for centuries. If you read anything on this subject you should read History of the Deep State by Jeremy Stone; of which I believe there are 3 volumes.

Like the man said “it isn’t paranoia if someone is really out to get you”.

The Great Reset, the final goal of Agenda 21/2030 How the UN’s Agenda 21 Influences Every Aspect of Society , is a well-documented plan to organize our world into something acceptable to people that hate us. This video is long but I used it (I have used it many times) because this woman goes into a complete, detailed, explanation of what people like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab have planned for ‘We the Sheeple’.

Masks, hand sanitizing, distancing and confining us in our houses was just the first step a sign of submission. Convincing us that the vaccine was the only way we would get back to normal was the second, and now the dizzying list of mandates, protocols and threats is to make sure we are listening to our betters at the CDC, WHO, CNN et al is the interim landing until they are ready to mandate the Luciferase Vaccine, the product of a Bill Gates project to inject us with a chip that will be required to participate in society. 

It is truly terrifying what these Globalist bad actors think of us, and as far as they consider us at all, have planned for us.

So for the conclusion of this thought I would like to leave with Russell Brand, a person I don’t always see eye to eye with but who, in this video, captures the spirit of my feelings.

By: David Gignac. Follow Gen Z Conservative on Parler, Gab, and Facebook