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The Faces of Antifa Members Show the Hate-Filled Roots of the Organization

The Faces of Antifa: A Portrait of Lives Poorly Lived

Take a good long look at the pictures in that collection of faces of Antifa members. Few look anything like normal people; most look like the type who make themselves look ridiculous and then attack you for staring. But that’s beside the point; this isn’t another repeat of my article on Stanya from Rose City Antifa, it’s not just about making fun of the Antifa weirdos, however fun that might be.

stanya rose city antifa another one of the faces of antifa
Another one of the faces of Antifa

No, that would be missing the point. The point is that once you start looking at the faces of Antifa members you can see what the true nature of that organization is.

Ideologically, it is something of an anarcho-communist organization that uses fascist tactics. In practice, it is basically a terrorist organization. But at the individual level, Antifa is an organization composed of people who are angry about being life’s losers and want to rage against the system and violently tear everything down. The faces of Antifa members show that.

In that respect, Antifa is much like similar organizations of the past and present. The Klan was and is an organization mainly composed of people similarly down on their luck and full of irrational and evil hatred. The Nazis were full of failures at life that were angry at the world. Mussolini’s Blackshirts weren’t exactly the best and brightest members of society. And Stalin wouldn’t have amounted to much had the Russian Revolution not happened.

What that shows, especially when viewed alongside the faces of Antifa members, is the motivation behind Antifa members and why they are willing to commit the grievous, violent offenses that they frequently commit.

Just look at the faces of Antifa members in the above collection of mugshots. What do you think is more likely, that they want to critically examine what is good and bad about American society and culture and then use those observations to create tailored and well-thought through solutions or that they just want to throw a brick through a glass window and spit in the faces of those with whom they disagree? I have a feeling that it’s the latter.

And that is why Antifa is a problem. As you can see from looking at the faces of Antifa members, those people don’t want to build a better society. They just want to burn down the one that currently exists. In that respect, they’re much like the sort of people Alfred describes to Bruce Wayne in a famous scene from The Dark Knight:

“Some men just want to watch the world burn.” I don’t think that any quotation could better describe Antifa thugs. They don’t want to make America a better place. They don’t really care about the “oppressed” people they claim to be helping. No, they just want to throw a molotov cocktail at a police officer, smash the glass windows of a small business with a crowbar, and beat up anyone who has a different opinion.

Americans, especially conservatives and centrists, need to start recognizing that. We act as if the Democrat politicians that speak on the behalf of Antifa could still have our best interests at heart. They cannot and do not. Anyone who would claim, as Joe Biden did, that Antifa is “just an idea” is either so mentally out of it that they can’t be trusted or such a leftist that they’d drive the country into a ditch.

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Unfortunately, it looks like Joe Biden is both. And as many other Democrats have refused to denounce Antifa, it looks like many other members of that party are too. We can’t let people who refuse to condemn Antifa do so without incurring our wrath; if they don’t think Antifa is evil and un-American, then they must be at least somewhat okay with its desire to set the world on fire. As long as they remain in office, we won’t be able to deal with Antifa like we should and treat it like the terrorist threat that it is.

Even more importantly than dealing with those politicians is dealing with Antifa members themselves. Just scroll up and look once again at the faces of Antifa members that were arrested. Look into their eyes and at their angry, twisted faces.

Behind those faces is unconquerable and unreasonable anger. They can’t be convinced not to smash glass; reason is not how their brains work. They can’t be bought off; they’re communists, money doesn’t matter to them. Even threatening them with jail time doesn’t work because their anger at society trumps their natural desire to not be locked up.

For those reasons, Antifa will remain a threat as long as we treat it as a protest group rather than a terrorist organization. As long as the police and federal law enforcement focus on petty and meaningless issues like Bubba Wallace’s “noose” or enforcing lockdown orders rather than on clamping down on Antifa’s ability to organize and attack conservatives or businesses, Antifa will remain a threat.

We need to, in effect, treat Antifa as the government treated the KKK during Reconstruction. Now, don’t get me wrong, I dislike most of what was done to the South during the later years of the war and Reconstruction; Sherman was a war criminal and the pillage and rape of the South during Reconstruction was a travesty. But, the federal government did act wisely in treating the KKK as a major problem and shutting it down.

Much like Antifa today, the Klan back then (which also happened to be a violent arm of the Democratic Party) would harass, intimidate, and violently attack people who went against its orthodoxy. I suspect the anger and hatred in the faces of its members would be similar to the faces of Antifa members in the picture at the top of the page, albeit with far less purple hair.

The government didn’t let Klan members get away with that campaign of terror for long. It treated them as terrorists and criminals and destroyed the Klan’s ability to operate by passing three Enforcement Acts in 1870 and 1871. Those laws worked well and stamped out the threat posed by the Klan.

We must force the government to do something like that again today. Antifa just wants to watch the world burn. We need to prevent it from doing so by treating it and its supporters as a serious threat to the American republic, even if they are only weird-looking soy boys. Their outlook is a major threat and needs to be treated as such. That’s what the faces of Antifa members show.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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