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“Everything Woke Turns to Shit”: The New Make America Great Again

In his rally in Alabama on August, Saturday 21st, Trump made an obvious but hilarious and important proclamation: “Everything woke turns to shit.”

Now, Cato’s oratory it is obviously not. But, what it lacks in eloquence and classical allusion, it makes up for in accuracy and defining our moment.

Just think about everything leftism has ruined. The military. Sports. Comedy. Social media. Universities. The list goes on, only ending when you run out of businesses and institutions that could be named. At this point, practically everything in our culture has gone woke. And the result, as Trump pointed out, is that it went to hell. Everything woke turns to shit.

When you look at the full quote, it’s even more obvious that Trump is right about wokeness: “You know what woke means. It means you’re a loser,” Trump said. “It’s true. Everything woke turns to shit. It’s true. Look at what’s happening.”

The woke are losers. They’re the bitter feminists, the manlet soy boys, and the ever-aggrieved race-baiters that complain endlessly and do little. They’re losers that tear down what they could never hope to build, that attack those they could never emulate. The apostles of wokeism are such pitiful specimens of humanity that they inspire about as much disgust as anger, and rightly so. Their ideas, somehow, are even worse, especially in terms of effect.

And Americans, thanks largely to Trump, are finally waking up to that.

They’ve seen what wokeness has done to our schools, putting boys in girls’ bathrooms and CRT in students’ heads.

They’ve seen its disastrous effects on the military; now we can’t even lose with dignity to goat herders stuck in the Dark Ages.

And, perhaps most importantly, they’ve seen what it does to their own lives. Their previously comfortable jobs are now filled with anti-whiteness training that makes the workplace hostile and puts everyone on edge. The services they receive aren’t as good as they once were, the companies that provide them being more focused on wokeness than producing a good product. Whenever they speak, either in person or on social media, they’re at risk of being cancelled for stating basic facts about human biology or nature. And, worst of all, they were supposed to cheer as business after business was torched by the BLM thugs. Those are the wages of wokeness: what was once great about America has been destroyed by the woke idiots.

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Make America Great Again, a brilliant campaign slogan that will be imprinted upon the heart of each patriot forever, has finally been topped. Whereas MAGA inspired the right, “everything woke turns to shit” will unite and inspire everyone with a brain.

It might sound trite or vulgar, but Trump is right and his words will inspire people. It’s time we follow his instinct, reject the cowardly, “principled” RINOs, and wrap his words around us. Forget the “horror, I say, horror” the bow-tied virgins on the think tank right will bitch and moan about and say it with me: everything woke turns to shit.

We’ve all seen the horrid wages of wokeism; it’s time to call that out and start standing up to it.

By: Gen Z Conservative