Meme: Everything Woke Turns to Shit

everything woke turns to shit
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Trump gets it!

If you haven’t already, you need to watch Trump’s Alabama rally. In it, he made the now-famous remark, one I believe will be the new MAGA, that “everything woke turns to shit.”

The whining RINOs, those losers that Kurt Schlicter calls bowtied virgins, are gonna say that he shouldn’t be cheered for saying so because it’s rude, vulgar, or otherwise not what a “principled” conservative would say.

Well, guess what principles are: impediments to action.

Sometimes that’s a good thing, as action needs to be restrained. But in the culture war, we must strive to be more active, not more “principled.” We must fight to win, not to be remembered as gentlemen.

Trump gets that. That’s why his new signature phrase, so funny and so genius, must be echoed again and again and again. It will unite us, inspire us, and show what we stand for. We stand against wokeness and for greatness. The two are polar opposites and nothing encapsulates that better than the new MAGA, “everything woke turns to shit.”

By: Gen Z Conservative


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