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Orwell Called It: “Every Record Has Been Destroyed or Falsified…”

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” -George Orwell, 1984

It sends chills down your spine, doesn’t it? Seeing how right Orwell was always gives me chills, meaning as it does that our present path is one toward the unbelievable evil of 1984.

As we speak, the leftist liars behind the 1919 Project, Critical Theory, and woke education plans are rewriting history to confuse the American populace and ensure that whatever histories we’re allowed to read confirm their worldview.

They rewrite tellings of the American Revolution to make it not a tale of individual liberty triumphing over tyranny and a colonial David defeating an Imperial Goliath, thanks largely to an incredibly brave, thoughtful, and well-read generation, but rather a story of evil white men preserving slavery.

They rewrite the War between the States to make it a war over slavery rather than states’ rights while simultaneously tearing down statues of the brave generals and other men of note that fought in that war.

Streets are renamed after the causes of the present woke movement (just think of BLM plaza in D.C.) while leftists hunt down every school named after famous “old, white men,” canceling and renaming schools named after people as different as Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln. Soon, nothing will have a unique name; it’ll be High School AB3V4 rather than Jeff Davis High or FDR Memorial Middle School. Everything will have been erased in the name of political correctness and wokeness.

And what is the reason for that, why are they erasing our history and attacking the memories of great men?

Because the fact that Robert E Lee was a great man doesn’t fit into the leftist paradigm. The fact that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison accomplished things far more important than owning slaves doesn’t square with their worldview.

They think Winston Churchill was evil because he defended the British Empire, Christopher Columbus was evil because the Indians ended up dying, and capitalism is evil because a few workers didn’t make enough to justify their hard work.

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No matter what the issue is, the left can’t help but look at it through a straw, seeing only what they want to see. Every “old, white man” was evil, every hierarchy not premised on anti-racism unjust, and every system reprehensible if it resulted in even a small injustice of some sort. Except for socialism, of course; it’s a leftist ideology so it’s beyond criticism.

Hence why they’re so gung-ho about cancel culture. Why it’s so omnipresent, continuous, and savage. They can’t understand why we remember Lee, why we love George Washington, or what it is about the Industrial Revolution that was good for the world.

And since they don’t understand it, they hate it. Their claim to superiority comes from the credentials handed out by whatever college they attended, so it infuriates them that they either a) don’t understand something or b)might be wrong to deplore a system or individual from our past. Their supposed “intelligence” is the basis of their legitimacy, their being correct the only reason anyone might listen to them (as with Oceania in 1984), so they must change history so as to be proven correct.

So, the only solution is to erase history so that they can be right about it. They rewrite the records, falsify the history books, and tear down every statue that might be not PC at some vague point in the future. They can’t be wrong or ill-informed if everything that doesn’t comport with their worldview has been disappeared by a nameless drone in the back office of some bureaucracy.

Orwell called it. The totalitarians of the 21st century, Churchill’s “Socialist Gestapo,” are using cancel culture and academia to erase our history so that they’re always right.

By: Gen Z Conservative


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