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Humor: Every Day Was Christmas with Trump

Back in the good ole days when the “Bad Orange Man” was in office doing things only the Bad Orange Man would do, a friend’s father summed up his presidency succinctly and in the best way I ever heard. When some tweet or statement was in the news, he just started chuckling and said “every day is Christmas.”

And Christmas it was! On one hand, the economy was booming. Unemployment was dropping, taxes were low, regulation was low, prices were low, and stocks were booming. Plus, on the cultural side, he was an attack dog that never backed down or retreated after sinking his razor-sharp Twitter teeth into yet another foe.

Whether that foe was a RINO like John McCain, some media losers like the Morning Joe hosts, or a political enemy like Hillary Clinton, Trump bit and then kept the pressure up. There were mean tweets galore and they were all utterly hilarious.

And, if they didn’t need to be mean, they weren’t. Sometimes they were just funny.

Whatever the content, they were priceless.

Here are a few of the best ones:

There are other great ones, but I just included the best ones from his presidency and campaign.

Aren’t they fantastic? Each one is funny, slides in an insult without being “too much,” and shows that he’s smart but also knows how to win a street fight. Every day was Christmas.

Now, we have neither the great economy nor the mean, funny tweets. Under Slow Joe, everything is far, far worse.

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So, what do I (and I expect many other conservatives) want for Christmas? Well, I want every day to be Christmas again! Bring back the mean tweets and cheap gas!

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