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Every Day is Christmas with President Trump

My Take

Every day is Christmas with President Trump in office. He’s just so great. I am incredibly happy that Trump is everybody’s president! After the awful Obama years, it certainly is great to have a president with some backbone.

Why? Well just think about everything about him.

First off, his accomplishments. He has managed to accomplish an incredible amount since being elected in 2016. He passed tax reform that has already been incredibly effective. Also, he has gotten America to take illegal immigration seriously and is working on building a wall. Like many other conservatives, Trump recognizes that border security is national security. So he has delivered border security. And, of course, Trump melts the snowflakes faster than global warming.

Next, it’s great to recognize how much Trump has done to rebuild the Republican movement. Whereas past contenders seemed almost apologetic about conservativism, Trump stands up for what he believes in and fights back against the liberals. In other words, he’s a fighter. While that can’t be measured in the same way as tax reform, it is almost as important. Trump has rebuilt the GOP in his stronger image in the way that McCain or Romney never could. Trump is simply stronger and a much better fighter for conservative values.

Finally, every day is Christmas with President Trump because he is trying to bring our troops home. He is getting them out of Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan and in doing so is ending the era of interventionism. Rather than fighting in the Great War for Civilization to establish democracy in the Middle East, Trump is focused on American interests. He knows about the new Cold War with China and is doing everything he can to win it.

So, in conclusion, every day is Christmas with President Trump because he’s so great. He has accomplished policy objectives, rebuilding conservatism, and only fighting the important fights.

Merry Christmas!

By: Gen Z Conservative