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Evanston, Illinois Cancels Independence Day Parade But Keeps Juneteenth and LGBT Parades

Shocker: The left didn’t stop with the Confederate statues.

Remember how, when the left ratcheted up its attempts to erase our history, RINOs and “moderates” (read: cowards) declared that it was okay to get rid of Confederate statues, that erasing that part of our history was okay so long as others weren’t touched?

“Get rid of Lee and Forrest,” they said. “Those are the bad guys. But don’t you touch Columbus or the Founding Fathers.”

Despite the immense amount of finger-wagging and head-shaking from those bowtie-wearing virgins, the left went ahead and did what it wanted. Rather than stopping with the Confederate statues, the wrecking ball of leftism continued to knock other memorials to our ancestors’ greatness into dust.

And, rather than stand up and fight, rather than shooting rioters and arresting thugs, the RINOs retreated again…and again…and again.

Now, thanks to the cowardice of our “conservative” representatives, the Founding Fathers are on the verge of cancelation.

Evidence of that comes from the town of Evanston, Illinois, which has canceled its annual Independence Day parade in favor of Juneteenth and LGBT festivities. Here’s what RT reports happened:

“Community leaders in the Democrat bastion of Evanston, Illinois have apparently decided that Covid-19 is a greater public-health risk on Independence Day than during Juneteenth and Pride Month celebrations.

The city celebrated Juneteenth, the new federal holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the US, on Saturday, holding a parade and a community gathering that featured live performances, art displays and food vendors.

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The partying will resume next Saturday, when Evanston hosts its annual Pride celebration, including a car parade, a community picnic and an evening candle-lighting ceremony. The event theme is “Proud to Be,” which organizers say will celebrate “the deep intersectionality of the LGBTQIA+ community with other marginalized communities.”

Despite keeping those events, Evanston decided to cancel its July 4th parade for the second year in a row, as Tom Bevan noted on Twitter:

Responding to Mr. Bevan, another user had this to say:

@SallyMike7 is absolutely correct. This does mean war.

The left has declared war, quite openly, on America’s Founding. They want to erase the memory of the Founders, erase the importance of July 4th, and erase every vestige of non-woke America.

And what do they want to replace it with? Well, woke nonsense, of course! A gay parade and holiday for some slaves freed in Texas…as if that idiocy could in any way measure up to the glory and importance of July 4th.

Unless conservatives start standing up and fighting for their history, all is lost.

By: Gen Z Conservative