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EV-Induced Layoffs: This Automaker Laying Off THOUSANDS of Workers to Fund EV-Focused Spending Splurge

Remember the days not too far in America’s past when its carmaking giants employed tens upon tens of thousands of American workers that were able to earn a good wage and provide for a family while producing some of the most iconic cars out there?

Yeah, neither do all the laid-off workers in the Rust Belt who have seen their jobs shipped to Mexico and Southeast Asia by corporate executives that got their MBAs from woke universities and went on a “cost-cutting” spree, laying off thousands of Americans to add a few percentage points to yearly profits.

And whatever remnants of that dream are floating about just got kicked in the teeth by the jackboot of liberalism yet again, this time with “green energy” being the cause rather than “outsourcing.”

Ford Motor Company, you see, is laying off nearly ten thousand workers to help it fund a multi-billion dollar spending splurge on electric vehicle manufacturing.

News on that comes from the Daily Caller, which reported that:

The automaker is planning to lay off 8,000 of its employees to raise profits and pay for its ramp-up of EV production, Bloomberg reported Wednesday. Ford will spend roughly $50 billion, according to Reuters, to make 2 million EVs annually by 2026 after selling 27,140 in 2021.

Heritage Foundation economist EJ Antoni sounded off on the decision and “green energy” push when speaking to the Daily Caller about Ford laying off thousands of workers to fund its EV buildup, saying:

These ‘green’ energy boondoggles are throwing gasoline on the fire and are the last thing we need in a recession.

“Manufacturers will produce fewer traditional, reliable engines here in America, and will shift to overseas battery production.

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“It also means that new vehicles will be more expensive, further hurting America’s poor and middle class who will be forced to continue driving older vehicles, while they are still available, or shift entirely to less desirable alternatives like public transportation.

Further, while Ford will apparently be focusing on ramping up production of EVs of the sort supported by Brandon and his Administration (Mayor Pete loves them!), Americans have had a muted response at best to the “EV revolution.”

In fact, though Ford apparently wants half of its new cars to be EVs by the late 2020s and is laying off workers to help fund that transformation, only about 17% of American consumers are planning on buying an EV for their next car. Though about half are considering EVs, far more are definitely buying a combustion engine vehicle than an EV.

If Ford and other automakers want to remain profitable, they need to build what consumers want, not what the senile moron and gay guy that’s into trains are convinced they need to produce.

Ford Motor Company used to be a great company that made great cars, with its Thunderbird, Mustang, Bronco, and F-150 being some of the most iconic American automobiles of all time. Too bad it’s going woke and laying off thousands to fund an EV push, as going woke is rarely good for the bottom line.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List