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Europeans Don’t Understand America or Freedom

Globalist-Minded Europeans Just Don’t Get It

When I grew up in NY circa 1955 to 1970, Orwell’s 1984 was required reading in 6th grade, with book reports and an in-class discussion also required. And even in liberal NY State, Communism was an evil philosophy that only lazy, stupid people would subscribe to. Today it seems like it is the Democrat playbook.

Recently, a friend of mine was asking 5 friends of his from around the world how they and their societies were dealing with COVID and how they viewed America and, by extension, the recent election. I thought the premise of his articles inspired, though I admit I was surprised each time one of these successful ‘worldly people’ commented.

Their answers showed that they only saw the world from a very narrow personal perspective, from a locally oriented data set. I know that Americans and, myself especially, have the same shortcoming, but, that these people do not see how their opinions are created by a globalist worldview that tries to convince them that individual liberty is an afterthought and America is not created by a desire for freedom from oppression and striving for individual liberty but for a desire to continue a slavery and caste system that had been around for all time is concerning.

They saw The United States as completely outside a generally accepted normality, racist, and not willing to work with (capitulate to) European Socialism. This view, as it has been more recently in America, is propagated by the Universities and a corporate/socialist media that derided Trump and the liberty movement with the very shallow ‘Orange man bad’ narrative but amazingly one that stuck in the minds that have been formed in the socialist funnel of the Universities. They want to coerce us into a worldwide communistic view which sounds great to people who have been taught that free stuff is really free but is abhorrent to people who love the premise of freedom. 

I have been following some European social media sites for a while and their Liberal arguments are just as shallow and poorly formulated as anything Cenk Uygur ever spewed. There was very little in the way of thoughtful consideration on cause and effect or the ultimate outcome of their intentions. Everything was formulated in soundbites and thought that will sound like deep truth to young minds that have never been introduced to critical thinking.

In my friend’s blog, I commented on all of these posts from around the world but this is the only one I thought to save, so I don’t know if it is any better or worse in its arguments than the others. The one point I never brought up with any of them, only because it is by its nature argumentative and accusatory, was “what do you think would happen to the gentle little flower power European states if there wasn’t an America to stand up to the Bear and the Dragon?” 

Short answer: They would be like Vichy France, calling themselves by the old names but living the lives of vassal states until the Fascists decided they were tired of the Rick Blaine’s (Humphrey Bogarts’ character in Casablanca) of the world and crushed them. Any dissenting view is marginalized and then crushed. Ask Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Uyghurs.

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Globalist and CCP money has corrupted our politicians, the academies and begged, borrowed, and stolen our technology and intellectual property to the extent, I think, our culture and values are closer to extinction than at any point in history. Senator Diane Feinstein of California had a Chinese spy who worked for years as her gardener/driver and within days of her being outed she was unavailable for comment both the Senator and the employee, who disappeared, probably back to China, and Senator Feinstein who just wouldn’t answer questions.

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Then there is Eric Swalwell, yes that Eric Swalwell, who after stinking up Congress since 2013 in CA 15th Congressional district was caught having an affair with an Chinese spy, Christine Fang and was subsequently divorced by his wife. Fang was a political bundler (collecting donations) for several politicians but only linked sexually to Swalwell, he denies passing any sensitive information. At the time Representative Swalwell served on the intelligence committee (you can’t make this stuff up) Fang has disappeared and Swalwell is still in Congress.

I have included my original reply to the friend who is in Ireland:

“Sounds like he is drinking from the Globalist fire hydrant. The negativity [In the US] was on the legacy and social media side of the ledger which, in lockstep with the Socialist rest of the world, tried to deny Americans the right to self-determination.

A lot of one-sided media coverage on the other side of the Atlantic, that says Dems won even before they finished counting their fraudulent mail-in ballots, has a CNN effect over there. Also, Methinks that he has kissed the Blarney Stone one too many times when he says that one ‘unified’ government can govern a diverse population better than competing viewpoints of two parties. What does he think will happen to ‘peaceful’, socialist little Europe with no Americans to defend them from Fascism and COMMUNISM. I gather they (Europe not Ireland) had a harder time with the ‘pandemic’ than we did but they also live closer to China, where it originated.

I do agree that Trump will be an influencer in American politics but instead of starting a third party that will dilute conservative voting we should purge the Republicans of the RINO’s and reform it as ‘The Make America Great Again Party’. Globalism has ruined the 1776 ethos that lifted a feudalist world into ‘The American Century’ but the half of us that believed in the inherent goodness of human nature let our guard down and allowed the ‘Totalitarian Nature’ of the previous world sneak in while we concentrated on making life something other than Nasty, Brutish and Short.”

By: David Gignac