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Now We Can See that Establishment Republicans are Cowards

Why Establishment Republicans are Cowards

If you’ve paid attention to the absolutely crazy events of the past few months, it’s easy to see that the establishment Republicans are cowards.

While President Donald Trump has fought the radical leftist mob in every way possible; he’s fought back against the hate-filled leftists on Twitter, Facebook, and everywhere else. But now, he’s been kicked off for daring to say that the election was neither free nor fair and almost no one is willing to stand up for him.

In other words, President Trump is actually standing up for those that voted for him and is supporting law-abiding Americans and small businesses rather than criminal looters and rioters.

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On the other hand, most of our Republican “leaders” have done no such fighting against the left. The establishment Republicans are cowards that don’t want to engage in this pivotal battle of the culture war. And it’s not because they do not see the stakes of the battle that we’re currently facing, I think that they certainly do see the threat that leftists and their culture war against conservatives pose to America. In reality, it’s simply that establishment Republicans are cowards that do not want to stand up to the far left for fear of being called racists, “anti-science,” or any other slur that the left might throw at them.

The left is like the Taliban. It has taken over a neighborhood in Seattle and is enforcing its radical agenda, as the Taliban did to cities in Afghanistan. It has torn down statues of American heroes, brave Confederate veterans, and even Christopher Columbus, the intrepid explorer who discovered this continent! Now, they even want to destroy the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial! Remember the Taliban blowing up the beautiful Buddhist statues because they went against its worldview? How is what the left is doing today any different?

President Trump and Senator Tom Cotton have spoken out against those terrorist actions of the left, but no other prominent members from the GOP have dared to. They are scared and unwilling or unable to fight. We should expect and demand more from our party’s leadership. They need to fight for us. Right now, they are doing nothing of the sort.

Why is that? Because the establishment Republicans are cowards. They’re too scared of the far-left and its radical agenda, backed up by outright violence and false accusations of sexual assault. The establishment Republicans are cowards that are afraid to fight like their constituents elected them to do.

Well, either the establishment Republicans are cowards or outright dunces. Either they’re too scared to fight, or they’re too stupid to see that this will never end and that giving the left an inch will lead to them eradicating a mile of history. Perhaps they don’t want to fight in defense of Confederate statues and bases. That’s understandable, but also shortsighted. They need to start fighting back, not just rolling over whenever the left demands that they do so.

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The right should be fighting back. It should be calling for a Big Tech boycott. It should be trying to win this battle of the culture war. But it’s not, at least in part because it doesn’t want to understand or stand up against the left’s radical, anti-American ideology.

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The left doesn’t really care about Confederate statues or bases, free speech or free expression. Do you think the idiots running Antifa and the BLM have the slightest clue who Braxton Bragg was? Definitely not! HBO removed Gone with the Wind and nary an establishment Republican commented on it. Could a single one of the radicals burning down our cities name a character from it? Nope! Absolutely not. They’re uneducated and historically illiterate. They don’t care about American values or preserve freedom of expression in America.

But that doesn’t matter. The left’s attempts to erase history and eradicate any vestige of a fact they disagree with isn’t based in fact, it’s based in emotion and hate. They don’t just want to get rid of heroic Confederates like Robert E. Lee, they want to erase and destroy everything and anything that doesn’t fit with their perverted, social-justice focused view of history. And that includes people, the brave few willing to stand up to the left on the voter fraud or statue issue; the left wants to silence dissent and will do whatever it takes to do so.

But, of course, we haven’t seen any Republicans step up to defend them. The establishment Republicans are cowards that are unwilling to fight this battle. They don’t get that we’re in the end-stages of the battle for America’s fate, or that we’re the last place on Earth (for now) where freedom is valued and that the stakes of the battle, therefore, are unbelievably high. This struggle against the radical left is an existential one.

The hate-filled left will destroy everything we know and love about America if we let it. It has burned our cities, destroyed our economy, torn down our statues, attacked our police and soldiers, murdered innocent civilians, and is eradicating American culture. Yet Republicans in D.C. are silent. It’s as if they don’t care. American needs conservatives that will fight. Otherwise all is lost. Trump needs to drain the swamp and get rid of those cowardly RINOs before they let the left gradually eradicate our freedom.

The consequences of fighting against the left might be high. The left will slander us, scream at us, and even violently attack us. It will kick you off of mainstream social media and try to disappear you from the internet.

But the fight is worth it. Fighting against them means fighting to preserve a free America. The establishment Republicans are cowards that don’t understand that fact. Luckily, I think young conservatives do.

young conservative
Young conservatives won’t put up any longer with the weak members of the GOP. Establishment Republicans are cowards and we know it.

Young conservatives are willing to step up and fight in a way that cowardly establishment Republicans are not. We need to actually do so, however, not just act like we are. Let’s let other generations regard us as the generation that is willing to fight against leftist aggression and do what it takes to win the culture war.

Establishment Republicans are cowards that aren’t willing to fight. But we are. Let’s fight against elitist, hypocritical, and ineffectual politicians whether they are on the left like Nancy Antoinette or the right like Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham and replace them with real patriots like Donald Trump that love America and will do anything for it.

And we need conservatives to stand up now more than ever right now. This Trump-Biden election has been incredibly horrifying. Not only did the left steal the election and then silence those that called them out for doing so, but most Congressional Republicans won’t even stand up for Trump and go to bat on his behalf.

Those establishment Republicans are cowards that need to fight fraud, just as those Neville Chamberlain-like RINOs won’t raise the black flag in the culture war. Conservatives of every age, job, and station in life must do so.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook