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Escape from New York: Horrifying Crime News Emerges from the “Rotten Apple”, Other Blue Cities

In a recent article from Bloomberg, the authors are trying to spin a story that crime in New York City (NYC) is not as bad as the media is portraying it to be. Others would disagree.

It is rather strange that Bloomberg is now complaining about “Fake News.” One thought that this was only seen in MAGA land.

In any case, there’s no doubt crime is in focus among those who live in New York, so something must be compelling citizens to take the issue far more seriously than they did several years ago. In fact, about 75% of citizens said crime was a “very serious” problem in a February Quinnipiac University poll, marking the highest number since 1999.

First, indeed, when looking at the media, stories of crime in NYC, in fact, have been on the rise. See this in the article’s graphic chart below.

Media Crime Stories NYC

Bloomberg’s article goes on to suggest that the media stories do not match reality. The article juxtaposes the murder rate with the media stories in the chart below.

NYC Crime vs Media Stories

The Bloomberg article then goes on to question whether perception truly is reality, pointing out how media coverage surrounding crimes has changed and asking whether or not giving a bigger megaphone to the issue has created more of a problem than it is solving.

So is Bloomberg right in suggesting that the NYC crime wave is overstated? And perhaps extended across America? Are people panicking unrealistically?

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Let’s take a look at a local news report from NBC New York.

They report that despite making headlines over the July 4th weekend, the NYPD says it is seeing a reduction in gun violence thus far in 2022 compared to last year, with fewer murders and shooting victims. The NYPD says that compared to this time last year, murders are down by more than 31 percent, with shootings down 24 percent.

However, when it comes to other crimes like robbery, burglary, and grand larceny, are on the rise. On top of that, the department says thousands of New Yorkers are jamming the lines with quality of life calls. Grand larceny is up by 41 percent, and robberies are up by 36 percent. Burglaries are up by nearly 34 percent.

Also, they report a rise in recidivism. Another dangerous trend is that the NYPD says it’s finding those who commit crimes are getting younger and younger, leading police commissioner Sewell to say that the city needs “all parts of the criminal justice system pulling in the same direction.”

The police department said that dispatchers are answering thousands of more quality of life calls. In the latest quarter, 6,000 more New Yorkers dialed 911 to complain about loud disorderly groups, lawlessness and drinking in public. The complaints led to officers writing up 9,000 more summonses. See the NYPD report in the following NBC New York video.

When looking at the broader United States, 2020 experienced the biggest rise in murder since the start of national record-keeping in 1960, according to data gathered by the F.B.I. for its annual report on crime. See this in the chart below.

US Murder Rate Historical 2020When looking at the NYC crime statistics, one must always be careful that the right correlations are applied, and data is not being cherry-picked to achieve a narrative. So what is the truth?

  • As reported, NYC, in fact, did have a lower murder rate for one year, but like the rest of America, the trend is still up – one year’s data may not be the trend.
  • As mentioned, street violence is skyrocketing, causing people to fear and demand action from their local governments.
  • The rise in street violence will only lead to the murder rates eventually rising in the future. Without putting lawlessness into check, it will only expand in scale and severity over time.

Bloomberg’s article, though specific data points may have been true, painted a false narrative that media and not reality is creating the rise in crime. Crime in America is on the rise. It is being driven by the cultural decline of society, bad (or none) policing policies, and a lack of justice department actions to prosecute properly. One can spin the politics, but voters will begin to penalize politicians for their inaction and poor policymaking.

This is not just happening in NYC and other major cities in America, but in many smaller communities as well. Crime is surging in the US – and it’s only getting worse. Homicides increased by 7% in 2021, and gun violence has been on the rise since 2014, with deadly shootings in large cities up by 80%. See below the latest report from Forbes, with the ten most dangerous cities in the US.

  1. St. Louis, Missouri
  2. Jackson, Mississippi
  3. Detroit, Michigan
  4. New Orleans, Louisiana
  5. Baltimore, Maryland
  6. Memphis, Tennessee
  7. Cleveland, Ohio
  8. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  9. Kansas City, Missouri
  10. Shreveport, Louisiana

Give us your thoughts in the comment section below on whether crime is on the rise not only in NYC but emblematic across the nation.

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