October 21, 2020

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escalating gun control fears

Escalating Gun Control Fears

Escalating Gun Control Fears:

escalating gun control fears

Escalating Gun Control Fears are Irrational:

As a Remington 700 owner I empathize with this meme. Don’t let the looney lefties take our guns because of their fear of guns! Instead, defend your 2nd Amendment rights! 

The 2nd Amendment has specific and unbend-able wording. It says “shall not be infringed.” That wording is inescapable and leaves no room for unconstitutional gun control laws, especially not the unconstitutional red flag laws that Republicans and Democrats now support. 

Why is the wording so unambiguous and inescapable? Because the Founders wanted to make sure our rights are protected no matter what.

Escalating gun control fears are understandable when the gun control lobby spreads lies about the frequency of mass shootings; those lies scare the populace into supporting unconstitutional gun control. 

Luckily, the Founders predicted that politicians would one day want to strip us of our rights. So, through bending to Anti-Federalist demands and including the 2nd Amendment, James Madison helped ensure the protection of those rights. Thank goodness he did so and protected us from the liberals’ constantly escalating demands for gun control.

If Madison hadn’t included the 2nd Amendment, we would now be at the mercy of the liberals and would have to have constantly escalating gun control fears. But, because he did include it and enshrined our right to have weapons to fight tyranny, now we just need to remind people that gun control is still unconstitutional. That is much easier and much more effective. Say thanks to Madison for that!

By: Gen Z Conservative


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