January 17, 2021

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we will be equally poor under socialism

Americans Will Be Equally Poor Under Socialism

Why Americans Will Be Equally Poor Under Socialism

Make no mistake about it, socialism won’t lead to equal prosperity. That’s what the idiotic and incompetent democratic socialists like AOC tell us will happen, sure, but it’s not true. If we put a government into power that wants to use its power to create equal economic outcomes for American citizens, then we will all end up starving and equally power. We will not be equally prosperous; that is impossible.

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Instead, Winston Churchill, in his quote on capitalism and socialism, is right on this issue. Capitalism’s benefit, as he states, is that we’re all unequally rich. That’s because capitalism is what leads to prosperity; it creates the incentive structure that prods people to create wealth and drive the economy onward.

“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

Winston Churchill

Sure, some people make more than others. But wealth inequality isn’t a problem; it just means that some people are more successful than others, not that anyone is oppressed.

Unfortunately for all of us, no one seems to understand that. They don’t get that Americans will be equally poor under socialism, except for the ruling socialist class, of course, just like Venezuelans are equally poor under socialism except for Maduro and the cronies in his ruling class, and the Soviets were equally poor under socialism except for the Politburo members.

That situation of shared poverty and misery takes place because socialism has no incentive structure in place to make people work other than brute force and coercion.

we will be equally poor under socialism

As it says in this socialism meme, if we can’t all be equally rich with a capitalist system in place, then we’ll be equally poor under socialism as socialist leaders flounder about trying to coerce their subjects into working harder.

Not only is that coercion ineffective at getting anything but the bare minimum out of people, it’s also immoral. Just read The Gulag Archipelago or The Case Against Socialism if you don’t believe me. How could a system that falsely accuses and locks up its own citizens so that it has a ready supply of forced labor, as all socialist regimes have done, be a moral state?

The answer, of course, is that it can’t be a moral good for such a state to exist. Socialism only benefits the ruling class of the state that adopts it. Everyone else lives in a condition of equal squalor, misery, and poverty.

That is why socialism always fails. It creates no incentive for hard work, so the economies of socialist nations are permanently in shambles. Even worse, the subjects of socialist rulers (not citizens, you should note) live in a perpetual state of fear of their own government and rulers, which is the opposite of how things should be. Governments should fear their citizens, not the opposite way around.

But still, socialists want to bring that evil ideology to our shores for some reason. They might hate us enough to want all conservative Americans to starve to death, but I doubt most of them are that evil. Some might be, but not all. They might just be ignoring the facts. Or, more likely, they just don’t understand socialism. I think that’s the true answer.

American socialists don’t understand that we will all be equally poor under socialism because they don’t understand the nature of the ideology they claim to support. They think it’s the ideology of compassion and kindness. It’s not. In reality, socialism is the ideology of hate, envy, and misery. Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise and remember that if socialism is implemented here, we will all be equally poor.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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