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EPIC: Rep. Boebert TORCHES The View’s Joy Behar for Insulting Her Family

Joy Behar is, among the hosts of ABC’s The View, one of the most unbearable. Perhaps outdone only by Whoopi Goldberg, who’s awful beyond belief, Joy is to the left of Karl Marx, vapid beyond belief, and so ignorant that her attempts at making a point will give you an aneurysm.

Lauren Boebert, meanwhile, is a rock-ribbed conservative from Colorado known for her support of Trump, gun rights, and conservative principles. She’s a real-deal America First politician.

So, naturally, the two aren’t huge fans of each other, and Joy decided to go on the offensive and attack Congresswoman Boebert’s family, posting a picture of Boebert and her kids holding firearms and saying “This is obscene.”

So, Boebert fired back, saying “Joy-less, we know you hate America. Go back to your sex strike.”

The sex strike joke is a reference to Behar’s recent call for women upset by the SCOTUS decision in Dobbs, a decision which would overturn the current abortion regime and return the issue to the states, to go on a “sex strike” until that somehow convinces SCOTUS or the national legislature to change its mind. She said:

Women in the world have conducted sex strikes in history,

“In 2003, a sex strike helped to end Liberia’s brutal civil war. The woman who started it was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. In Kenya, they forced a sex ban until fighting ceased. Within one week, there was a stable government. We have more power than we think we have, and some of it could be right in the bedroom, just saying.

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Cohost Sunny Hostin agreed with her on that, saying “A sex strike…that could be quite effective.”

Watch the clucking hens pretend people are attracted to them here:

Clay Travis and Buck Sexton, two conservative radio hosts, had a hilarious segment about Joy’s call for a sex strike and how ridiculous the whole idea is, particularly given how couples tend to be Republican-Republican or Democrat-Democrat. Here’s the transcript of one of the better bits, provided by them:

CLAY: Yeah, yeah. By the way, this is ridiculous. But I think this would be really intriguing because liberal women refusing to sleep with liberal men, first of all, most people I would think… (laughs) There’s so many jokes could be made here. Let’s start with I’m not sure that liberal women actually have sex with liberal men ’cause I’m not sure that liberal men under current Democratic politics are even allowed to like sex. Like, that seems like it might be toxic masculinity on their behalf. But I would think that the blue states are gonna fall apart in a hurry and really quickly here —

BUCK: Can you imagine going around with this, Clay, this became like a real thing? (impression) She’s like, “Shut it down, ladies! Shut it down!” and going all over the country. They can beg, they can plead, but shut it down. I don’t know if it’s gonna have the intended effect.

CLAY: Yeah, I think it is certainly not going to have the intended effect because the big. First of all, this is a ridiculous — no pun intended — plan of hers. But how many mixed couples actually are there, politically?

BUCK: How many like Republican, Democrat?

CLAY: Yeah, where you would have a guy who was so desperate to sleep with his wife that he would be like — or girlfriend or whatever else — that he would be like, “I’ll completely give up on whatever political beliefs I have”? I don’t think it would actually be that successful ’cause I don’t know how many people would actually impact.

BUCK: You haven’t been single in a very long time, Clay —

CLAY: Almost 20 years.

BUCK: Yeah. So I know what it’s like out there. Let me tell you, Clay, I’m coming back with stories, my friend. It’s rough. It’s like trench warfare out there these days, okay? You get caught in No Man’s Land on a date a girl finds out that you voted for Trump and she’s not ready for that, the heavy artillery comes in; you lose a lot of guys out there. Bad news.

Now that’s funny, unlike Joy Behar. Maybe she learned her lesson after getting torched by Lauren Boebert, but I think not.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr

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