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Was It Elon? Some Genius Just Trolled Trudeau In A Hilarious Way

Justin Trudeau, the embattled PM of Canada, has had a rough go of it recently. Between the trucker convoy picking up a massive amount of public support as it rolled across the country, its ability to shut down the nation’s capital, Ottowa, and his ignominious retreat from Ottawa before the truckers got there, he’s been savaged on the internet.

Well, Elon Musk just tossed more wood onto the already-roaring bonfire of anti-Trudeau sentiment and did so in hilarious fashion. The famed CEO and Twitter troll just turned his sites one Trudeau, and the results of what that man’s creative genius to come up with are hilarious.

First, Elon did what he does best and tossed the Canadian PM’s statements back at him, posting on Twitter that “It would appear that the so-called “fringe minority” is actually the government.”

That comment was a not-so-subtle jab at Trudeau, who referred to the massive convoy of truckers, a convoy that brought in millions of dollars in funds for support and has received widespread public acclaim in both Canada and the US, as a “fringe minority.”

Based on the crowds and dollars that turned out in support for the truckers, it would look like Elon is correct and that the government and its policies are far less popular than the truckers and theirs.

And those dollars are where Elon took the trolling to the next level. You see, the truckers need funds to take time off of hauling goods. They have to pay the bills for their massive rigs, buy food and gas to keep on trucking, and will need funds for the inevitable legal troubles.

So, they raised $10 million dollars, enough to keep on trucking for, according to the organizationfour entire years.

Turns out, one of those donors was (supposedly) Elon Musk, who (supposedly) donated a few thousand dollars to the truckers and set up a website that, when clicked on, redirects to Trudeau’s Wikipedia page:

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The donation from is certainly real, as there’s a screenshot of it, with the amount Quiggin claims was donated. Here it is:

Additionally, if you click on, it does redirect to Trudeau’s Wikipedia page, which is beyond hilarious. It’s like “Let’s Go Brandon,” but better, or like when Trump bought the domain name of Jeb!’s campaign website and had traffic from it redirected to his. Genius-tier level trolling.

Further, while the identity of the owner of the domain name “” is protected and unviewable, signs point to it being Elon. As the Post Millenial reports:

Musk has been a vocal supporter of the truckers’ convoy in Canada, voicing his support for the movement numerous times on social media. The billionaire has even mocked the Trudeau government for being the “fringe minority” that Justin Trudeau accuses the truckers and their supporters of being, and slammed a Washington Post cartoonist for depicting them as “fascists.”

Furthermore, the number “42069,” which is how much money was donated by the mysterious donor, are figures Musk often jokes about. It’s nothing out of the ordinary for most internet memers – 420 and 69 (nice!) being meme numbers and all, but few have the deep pockets Musk has to spend money on a cause and not even demand credit.

It’s certainly true that Elon often uses the numbers 69 and 420 to crack jokes (remember the Tesla going private at $420 tweet?), so it’s not that big of a stretch to believe he’s the one trolling Trudeau in such hilarious fashion.

On the other hand, many people dislike Trudeau and some of them have the necessary funds to toss around to do this, so it could be someone else.

But until they do, I’ll take Quiggin’s word for it; the idea of Elon, the time-pressed CEO, taking time to do this is just too good to pass up.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.