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Elon Musk: Just The Public Figure that America Needs

Why We Should All Love Elon Musk

Thanks to the radical left, it’s hard to find many public figures that aren’t actively hostile to conservatives. The Rock used to be, but he’s turned into a Democrat. Springsteen has gone full progressive. Other than Chris Pratt and a few others, every actor is a radical leftist. And of the public figures who are conservative, or at least not to the left of Karl Marx, are rarely open about their beliefs because they know that the cancel culture Red Guard will come for them as it came for Gina Carano. Everyone except Elon Musk, that is.

Now, don’t misunderstand me. I don’t think Elon Must is a conservative. He’s thrice-married, smoked weed with Joe Rogan, and is very interested in green energy, for which his companies have received money from the government.

But, to me, none of that matters. If he wants to build solar panels, so be it. At least we’ll be making them rather than the Red Chinese. As far as bad actions go, that barely registers when people like Kathy Griffin threaten to kill Trump.

What makes Elon Must great is that he’s independent and bows to no one. He’s a living version of the American Creed and American Dream.

When he landed in America after immigrating here from South Africa, he built PayPal, which revolutionized payments. Then, rather than living a life of leisure as a debauched billionaire with abominable morals, he reinvested all of his earnings from selling PayPal into his new companies.

Now, thanks to his doing so, transportation is undergoing a revolution. Tesla’s electric cars are better than any others, including combustion vehicles, and are bringing the dream of self-driving cars to life. Space X is transforming the rocket industry with its reusable rockets, making it far cheaper to get to space. Thanks to it, colonizing Mars might be a reality in our lifetimes. The Boring Company makes awesome things like flamethrowers and Tesla’s Gigafactory will soon be producing better car batteries than ever, which might make electric cars ready for mass use. Life has changed forever in demonstrable ways because of Elon Musk; he’s the real deal, not an empty suit.

Furthermore, he does what he wants to do and speaks about that which he wants to speak about. He jokes about Tesla on Twitter, hangs out with Joe Rogan, tweets about DogeCoin, has Tesla buy Bitcoin, and treats those he knows to be beneath him in terms of what they’ve accomplished with obvious disdain if they criticize him. In an era where so many people do anything to ingratiate themselves to their enemies, Elon doesn’t. Instead, he fights on the side of the populists against the culturally oppressive oligarchs. It’s inspiring and fun to watch.

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If Musk were the “normal” billionaire, if there even is such a thing, he would try to appear “nice.” He’d be a philanthropist like Bill Gates, fund leftist causes like Jeff Bezos, insert himself into leftist political matters like Jack Dorsey or Mark Zuckerberg, or otherwise try to get along with the gatekeepers.

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But that’s not what he’s done. Like a character out of Atlas Shrugged, he’s proud to be one of the world’s richest men. Rather than give it away, he’s building up his fortune by adding value to the economy. When the shorts tried to crush Tesla, he defeated them by adding value to the economy with Tesla and then gloated about it. When journalists tried to embarrass him, he responded with “Give my regards to your puppet master.”

In short, Elon Musk does what he wants and doesn’t bow to any mob. When the going gets tough or the criticism gets loud, Elon shoots the haters a middle finger and refuses to bend the knee. Bully for him. That’s just the sort of public figure America needs. A man who is truly independent and proud to be successful.

By: Gen Z Conservative