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Elizabeth Warren’s Lies

My Thoughts on Elizabeth Warren’s Lies about Her Supposed Native American Ancestry:

I think that this meme about Elizabeth Warren’s lies is a great one. In my opinion, it shows what is wrong with the current Democratic party, and really many politicians in general. So what is wrong? It’s that they have no sense of honor, nor do they have an ability to use their past mistakes to inform current generations.

The first problem is the most obvious one, the lack of honor. As this meme from the Atlas Society shows, Elizabeth Warren lied to get her job before she was a politician. Ms. “Pocahontas” probably wouldn’t be where she is today without that lie. Many other politicians lie and scheme to get where they are. Others are good ones that do have honor, and there are politicians like that in both parties. But many don’t. Senator Warren is one of the politicians that doesn’t have honor, as shown by her actions when applying for a job at Harvard.

The bigger problem is that politicians are unable to use their past mistakes to help current generations not make the same ones. With the affirmative action debate currently raging, Senator Warren could have used her past to help people understand the affect Affirmative Action has on colleges and the job market.

Her decision could have been used as an example of how some places seem to care more about heritage and race than they do about character or talent. That would have been a useful lesson. But it has been lost because of voter apathy about what she has done, a lack of accountability, and pride.

As I described in “Good Ideas and Bad Ideas and Free Speech,” learning from both good ideas and bad ideas is crucial to our society. Without that, we won’t be able to learn. And despite having most of the bad ideas, politicians don’t seem to be able to learn from their bad ideas. I think that is because many liberal and conservative politicians don’t truly believe in free speech.

They think free is just about the media and perhaps our right to not be silenced on social media. It is about way more than that. Free speech is about learning new perspectives and is about examining all ideas, good or bad. So Elizabeth Warren has a right to spread her lies about her ancestry, but she should immediately and strongly be called out for those ridiculous lies. Then, both she and the rest of society can learn from them. Society can grow and move on if it examines ideas. It will remain backward and stunted if it doesn’t which is why it is so scary that free speech is disappearing on college campuses.

Those are the flaws of our system that might bring it down one day. Voters have to start caring, and politicians have to start teaching and being honorable. Elizabeth Warren’s lies show what happens when that isn’t the case.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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