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Elder Abuse? Viral Photos of Brandon and “Dr.” Jill Have Many Asking Questions about How Slow Joe’s Being Treated

The AP recently published a selection of photos of Joe and Jill Biden that have since gone viral because of Biden’s sad face and the impression one gets when looking at them that “Dr.” Jill was yelling at Slow Joe about something or other.

Here they are:

The caption of the photos on the AP site, where they were originally posted, is:

President Joe Biden speaks with first lady Jill Biden before boarding Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House, Wednesday, July 6, 2022, in Washington. Biden is traveling to Cleveland to announce a new rule that will allow major new financial support for troubled pensions that cover some 2 million to 3 million workers. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Sure, that’s probably what the speech was about, but it’s sure not the story told by the photos. That story is one of an angry wife yelling at a confused old man who walks away, sad, after being screeched at for doing…something that seriously agitated the “Dr.”

In the first of the photos, Biden and Dr. Jill appear to be yelling at each other, or at least arguing with raised voices, with their expressions giving away the tenor of their voices.

Then, in the second photo, Biden appears to have been somewhat defeated, as his head is drooping somewhat and he’s doing that weird squinting thing he does that makes him look like the banjo kid from Deliverance.

The third photo is perhaps the funniest: it shows Biden’s head hanging low with his eyes squinted and his mouth curled into a child-like frown as Jill (presumably) continues to berate him about something.

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The fourth photo shows the couple walking away, heading in opposite directions after the end of their argument.

Seeing the hilarious photos, many online jumped in to start poking fun at Biden and Jill.

One commenter, for example, called the situation a case of elder abuse, saying:

“Elder abuse is not a laughing matter.”

However, as someone commenting on that post put it, “Elder abuse started when she allowed him to run for office knowing his health and mental state!!” Sad as it might be, anyone who has seen Biden try to make it up the stairs of Air Force One or read off of a teleprompter can likely agree.

Others made the elder abuse comment too, with one saying, for example, “This is sad. A story told in four parts about elder abuse. Awful.

Another person joked about Jill might have been saying to Joe, commenting and sayingDon’t you ever raise your voice to me, that is a bad Joe a very bad Joe, now go to the basement Obama is waiting.

Still others poked fun at Jill’s nearly always weird outfits, with one person saying “And why is she always wearing curtains. Jeez who dresses this lady” and another joking “What’s with Jill always wearing fruit or flowered recycled shower curtains?

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