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Durham is Investigating the Clinton Campaign

Will Hillary and her team finally be held accountable for their role in creating the Russia Hoax? Perhaps; John Durham’s investigation is finally looking into the Clinton campaign. That’s according to the Washington Examiner, which reported that:

Special counsel John Durham told a federal court that he is scrutinizing members of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign as part of his criminal inquiry into the origins and conduct of the Trump-Russia investigation.

Durham’s team asked a judge to “inquire into a potential conflict of interest” related to the lawyers for British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s main anti-Trump dossier source, noting that a separate lawyer at their firm “is currently representing the 2016 ‘Hillary for America’ presidential campaign, as well as multiple former employees of that campaign, in matters before the Special Counsel.”

Further details on what that means and what Durham might be investigating were reported by “The Reactionary,” a Substack, which had this to say:

The latest filings by Special Counsel John Durham reveal that lawyers for the Hillary Clinton Campaign now represent Christopher Steele primary subsource Igor Danchenko. In doing so, Durham tips us off to something else: that the Hillary Clinton Campaign and multiple former employees of the Hillary Clinton Campaign are under investigation.

[…]After all, we know that the Hillary Clinton Campaign paid for the Steele dossiers and the work by Fusion GPS. This was arranged through their attorneys (and the DNC attorneys) at Perkins Coie – notably Mark Elias and Michael Sussmann. Elias left the firm this summer. Sussmann was indicted in September 2021 by Special Counsel Durham for giving false statements to the FBI as he was pushing them to investigate the Alfa Bank/Trump hoax.

[…]It has long been suspected that the Clinton Campaign and those in Clinton’s orbit had a more hands-on approach to the “research” of Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele than has been reported. The depths of that involvement, however, has been somewhat of a mystery, in part shrouded behind the attorney-client privilege between Perkins Coie and the Clinton Campaign. Durham has done his part to break through that privilege, obtaining Perkins Coie records relating to their representation of the Clinton Campaign and even issuing new subpoenas (as of September 2021) to obtain further information on the Democrat efforts to smear Trump and his associates as Russian agents. To this observer, it seems like the Clinton Campaign’s involvement in the activities of Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele, and their “sources” might be deeper than anyone thought.

Effectively, what the Substack article reports is that the Clinton Campaign was deeply involved with those now being charged, and that because it was working so closely with Igor Danchenko, one of the major players involved, it’s now under investigation.

Those potentially close ties, discussed in the report, are things Durham thinks might be brought up in Danchenko’s trial. If proven, or if more evidence of them is introduced, Durham could use them to go after Clinton and her coterie of frauds and fools, finally bringing some justice for the Russia Hoax.

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In fact, there are five particular areas that Durham listed as areas of concern where Danchenko’s trial could become relevant to his investigation of Clinton. They are, according to Durham’s filing:

  1. the Clinton Campaign’s knowledge or lack of knowledge concerning the veracity of information in the Fusion GPS reports sourced by Danchenko,
  2. the Clinton Campaign’s awareness or lack of awareness of Dancehnko’s collection methods and sub-sources,
  3. meetings or communications between and among the Clinton Campaign, Fusion GPS, and/or Steele regarding or involving Danchenko
  4. Danchenko knowledge or lack of knowledge regarding the Clinton Campaign’s role in and activities surrounding the Fusion GPS reports, and
  5. the extent to which the Clinton Campaign and/or its representatives directed, solicited, or controlled Danchenko’s activities.

Durham adds that “On each of these issues, the interests of the Clinton Campaign and the defendant might diverge. “For example, the Clinton Campaign and the defendant each might have an incentive to shift blame and/or responsibility to the other party for any allegedly false information that was contained within the Company Reports and/or provided to the FBI.”

So, while the investigation of Clinton and her team is still in its early stages, it looks like Durham is finally looking into the Clinton Campaign.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Trending Politics