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Are Democrats Preparing to Dump Brandon?

A suspicion that many on the right and left hold is that the Democrats intended to install, use, and then quickly remove Biden. Though that’s been the suspicion since he first ran and was backed by almost all the big names in the DNC, it’s increased recently.

Why? Because President Brandon, himself no stranger to backroom politics, has proven to be both senile and a disaster. Whether it’s his inane rambling on stage, his seeming inability to end prepared speeches without saying “end of sentence,” or his despised policies, policies that a huge chunk of America view with horror, Americans aren’t impressed.

And, though the woke Democrats might not be in tune with the pulse of the nation on culture war issues, they are smart enough to recognize that President Brandon the Terrible could cost them the 2022 and 2024 races if they’re not careful.

So, speculations of his removal are increasing, and not only from the right.

In fact, the New York Times, a paper that’s essentially made itself a mouthpiece of the far left, recently published an op-ed titled “Biden Should Not Run Again — and He Should Say He Won’t” in which the author, Brett Stephens, had this to say:

From some of his public appearances, Biden seems … uneven. Often cogent, but sometimes alarmingly incoherent. What’s the reason? I have no idea. Do his appearances (including the good ones) inspire strong confidence that the president can go the distance in his current term, to say nothing of the next? No.

And many people seem to know it. On Sunday, my colleagues Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns reported on the Democratic Party’s not-so-quiet murmurs about what to do if Biden decides not to run. Aspirants for the nomination appear in the story like sharks circling a raft, swimming slow.

This is not healthy. Not for the president himself, not for the office he holds, not for the Democratic Party, not for the country.

Stephens goes on to argue, as you might expect from the title, that it’s time for Biden to publicly and clearly announce that he won’t be running again.

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While that’s far from a call for Biden to resign or for Pelosi to use the 25th Amendment to remove him, it’s far from a ringing endorsement of Brandon’s presidency and shows that cracks are starting to appear in the coalition that propelled Brandon into office.

And, as the Federalist notes, those cracks could gradually develop into a full-blown push for Joe to retire:

Joe may have always been a politician, but the man behind the podium now is not the same as the one who ran in 2008, and certainly not the man who ran in 1988. Stripped of his dignity, he has become a caricature of a president, adorned with all of the symbols of the office, but lacking the substance necessary to perform.

[…]Joe is in the process of sinking not only himself but also his party in the upcoming midterms and possibly the 2024 election, so the door to retirement is being planned. Perhaps Democrats will at least give him the courtesy of a final national address, a chance to read from the presidential teleprompter one final time. At the end, he can sign off blissfully with, “Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America … end of message.”

The two questions, however, are if Biden will be “asked” to retire before 2024 by those with more influence than Stephens and his ilk and, if so, with whom he’d be replaced.

The answers to both questions are unclear.

As to the first question, while it’s clear that Democrats are upset with the Biden disaster, as has been shown by almost comical chaos and dissension in the White House, Manchin refusing to back the back the Build Back Better Bill, and the general lack of enthusiasm for the Resident in Chief, it’s equally true that prominent Democrats continue to back him. Nancy Pelosi, for example, recently gave a disgustingly gushing speech in favor of Brandon and “Dr.” Jill has defended his mental capacity and policies. So, while they might want him to leave, it’s far from obvious that the 25th Amendment is on the table.

Similarly, Brandon is the devil the Democrats know and it’s not obvious that they have anyone to replace him with. Kamala polls worse than he does, Buttigieg is blamed for the supply chain crisis, and Pelosi is under fire for her perceived corruption. Liz Warren and the others are hardly well-liked. So, even if they can push Brandon out the basement door, it’s hard to imagine that his replacement would prove to be any more popular.

What that means is that while we can probably expect the DNC to try to retire Brandon in 2024, it’s not particularly likely that a pink slip is imminent; so long as he can summon the few brain cells necessary to read off a teleprompter, it’s hard to imagine them trying to dump him in exchange for, say, Cackling Kamala.

Sorry America, but it looks like, for now, at least, Brandon is sticking around in 1600 Penn because he’s the least of the Democratic Party’s least terrible option.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.