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Trump Must Drain the Swamp Immediately

Why Trump Must Drain the Swamp Soon

President Trump must drain the swamp as soon as possible if he is to succeed at his goal of making America great again.

As you can see in the above drain the swamp meme, there are a wide host of anti-American forces with which President Trump must contend if he is to finally start cleaning out D.C.

One of those main forces is the globalist lobby, as the image shows. Globalization, while it does provide some benefits, such as cheaper products and bigger profits for most of the companies involved, also has immense costs. The Chinese flu and the widespread economic and public health disaster that it spawned are but a small fraction of those costs, albeit the most noticeable costs at the present.

Unfortunately, the true costs of globalization are much higher; millions of jobs lost, crucial industries such as steelmaking destroyed, and the very social fabric of America ripped apart are the much greater, but correspondingly less visible costs of globalization. To drain the swamp, Trump needs to describe those costs to all Americans, but especially young conservatives, and thus create a coalition against the swamp-monster forces of globalization.

Additionally, to drain the swamp Trump must crush the cabal of lies and corruption that have defined D.C. for far too long. FBI corruption, DOJ corruption, evil actors like James Comey, Democratic party corruption, and the money-seeking ways of corrupt men like Joe Biden are facets of D.C. that Trump has an opportunity to destroy. But to do so, he must vociferously speak out against them and in the process build a conservative coalition against them. If he does so, men like Michael Flynn will no longer be wrongfully accused an imprisoned by “swamp creatures” like Comey and John Brennan.

trump must drain the swamp and protect michael flynn

Finally, to drain the swamp, President Trump must end the endless wars that America has been drug into over the past decades. Afghanistan, Iraq, and the other various aspects of the War on Terror have cost American lives and far more treasure than we can spare.

If you’d like to read about just how costly and useless those wars have been, read The Great War for Civilization or Hunting in the Shadows. Both do a great job of showing what has happened across the Middle East as America got pulled deeper and deeper into the web of internecine conflict that has engulfed that region. To drain the swamp, Trump has to end America’s era of interventionism and get us out of costly and wasteful wars in the Middle East. He knows how to avoid foreign entanglements; I have full confidence in him to get us out of those wars. He knows that we’re not fighting for freedom, we’re fighting because the elites told us to.

Overall, the task facing Trump is certainly a formidable one. Lies, corruption, established lobbying groups that push for more war and more globalization, not to mention the outright dishonesty coming from the fake news media are but a few of the problems facing him.

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However, I am fully confident that Trump is up to the task of defeating the combined forces of leftist hate and cowardly establishment Republicans. He knows how to fight with all of his strength against evil multitudes of enemies. And he can win. Biden is incompetent. Comrade Bernie already gave up and dropped out. The libertarians and Green Party don’t have a chance.

So really, the fight is between President Trump and The Swamp. And it’s a fight that Trump can win if he does his utmost right now to drain the swamp. He and his PACs should partner with young conservatives, especially college conservatives (yes, college conservatives do exist!), across the nation to start fighting the swamp on a grassroots level.

Trump needs to first start to drain the swamp, and then he must mobilize the conservative youths of America so that they can be filled with the ideals of conservatism and ensure that the swamp is not able to resurrect itself in a future. The fight against the swamp and the elite will be a multi-generational struggle. Republicans need to fight to win.

From there, the election should be an all hands on deck event where every conservative across America rises up to drain the swamp and win the battle for America’s fate to defeat the leftist ideology of self-loathing. If we do that, Trump just might win.

The fact is, if conservatives get out there and vote, then Joe Biden will lose in a landslide in 2020 and Trump will triumph. That is not an opinion, it is a fact. There is a silent majority in America that understands what America needs to thrive.

Unfortunately, that silent majority is often, well, silent. It does not want to speak up unless the time calls for it. That time is now. That united, silent majority of Republicans needs to be mobilized and go vote for Trump to save America from the horror that a Biden Administration would be.

So what would mobilize that silent majority of conservative Americans? Trump draining the swamp would, in my opinion, certainly be a spark. I think that if Trump stands up to the swamp and fights back harder than ever against the many, many swamp creatures that want to sell out America to the globalists and Marxists. If the silent majority sees him stand up to the swamp and win, then I think that it will be inspired to go out and vote for him.

By: Gen Z Conservative