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Sickening: Drag Queen Story Hour Proponent Arrested on Child Porn Charges

This Drag Queen Story Hour Proponent Was Just Arrested for Possessing Child Porn

Well, here’s something along the lines of what we conservatives expected all along to happen- a drag queen story hour proponent was just arrested for owning child porn. A person that spent lots of time around children while dressed in a horrifying, freakish manner was arrested because they acted on a sick perversion. Oh, and he was also a judge, gay, and father of two. Western civilization, between this and the WAP/Dr. Seuss dichotomy, is surely sliding into oblivion. Here are more details:

According to the Washington Examiner, the man arrested is named Brett Blomme and he was a Wisconsin circuit court judge. He was arrested on seven counts of possession of child pornography, each of which comes with 25 years in prison. Guess what this sick, perverted individual was also involved in: the Cream City Foundation (he was its president), which is an organization that hosts the infamous drag queen story hour at libraries. His child porn charges stem from the fact that in October and November of 2020 he downloaded images of male children being raped. You can read the charges here.

Fox News provides a few more details on those sickening downloads, noting that Blomme downloaded 27 separate videos or images that qualify as child pornography from the messaging app Kik. It provides different information on the number of years in prison he could be facing, claiming that each of his seven charges carries with it between 3 and 15 years in prison.

A further detail on the charges against Blomme comes from the DOJ complaint, which states: “Those [child porn] files were sent to other Kik users through private chat messages or shared in a messaging group. The email used for registering the Kik account “dommasterbb” was identified in the CyberTip as “” This email address associated with the “dommasterbb” Kik account was listed as “verified” by Kik.”

In other words, this freak that likes the idea of reading to kids while dressed as a woman and then later watch them be raped could be back on the streets in 21 years. Were that to be the case, it would be a horrible injustice.

The Drag Queen Story Hour group has attempted to distance itself from Blomme because of the publicity surrounding his disturbing perversion: “Drag Queen Story Hour wishes to make clear: while Cream City Foundation has served as DQSH Milwaukee’s fiscal sponsor (allowing DQSH Milwaukee to receive funds as a non-profit), the relationship is strictly financial: Cream City Foundation does not direct or influence the content of our programming, and Brett Blomme has never held a position within DQSH Milwaukee nor participate directly in planning, organizing, or hosting any of our events.”

Breitbart reports that Blomme was married to his gay partner and the two have two adopted children.

Overall, this case shows just why conservatives need to stand up for societal values. Without values, people like Blomme are allowed to act on their sick perversions. For example, we’re against drag queen story hour because it’s disgusting and a likely place for predators who want to prey on children to gather. Children shouldn’t be exposed to such perversion nor should they be placed in a situation where they might be preyed upon by the likes of Blomme. When we’re in charge, such depravities as Blomme’s are restricted. With the far-left in charge, Drag Queen Story Hour is lionized, not restricted.

Luckily, as I reported in my article on the Arizona anti-child pornography bill, some conservatives are taking societal issues seriously. Arizona, in a brave first step to protect the children, made possession of child porn a crime that receives lifetime imprisonment. Good. People like Blomme deserve to have visited on them for a lifetime what they enjoyed watching happen to children.

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