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Don’t Surrender Your Weapons

Don’t Surrender Your Weapons:

Don't Surrender Your Weapons

Gun Owners should not Surrender their Weapons:

Don’t surrender your weapons under any circumstances. If you do surrender them, then you will just be easy prey. You will be easy prey for both criminals and the government. Gun control doesn’t work and won’t work. It doesn’t work because criminals don’t care about gun control and the government will always be tyrannical if it is able. Gun control won’t save you from those “bad guys,” so don’t accede to it.

New Zealand recently tried gun control and gun confiscation. There are an estimated 300,000 “assault weapon” owners in New Zealand. And how many New Zealanders turned in their assault weapons? 37. 37 weapons were surrendered. That is a huge victory for liberty and gun rights. Not only are there 300,000 “assault weapons” in New Zealand, there are 900,000 other guns. And still, only 37 weapons total were turned in. So not only do New Zealanders understand that all guns matter, but they also understand that gun rights are human rights that need to be defended.

The Founding Fathers intended for us to preserve our 2nd Amendment rights, just look what happened at Lexington and Concord when the Redcoats tried to seize arms and ammunition. Be like the Founding Fathers during the American Revolution!

We have a right to bear arms because of the 2nd Amendment. We need to make sure that we preserve that right by emulating New Zealand and defending our right to bear arms.

If we don’t, then only tyranny will follow. Just look at the tyranny and horrific events in Hong Kong, where the stakes for democracy are sky high. Perhaps they wouldn’t be if Hong Kong had a 2nd Amendment…

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on ParlerGab, and Facebook