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Don’t Let the “20 Million” Number Fool You, The Ratings For The “Jan 6 Hearing” Were Really a Massive FLOP

Did the January 6th hearings go the way the Democrats wanted? Not really.

On one hand, they did get the spectacle of having Bill Barr the former attorney general and current fat slob/book salesman turn on Trump, his former boss, attacking Trump’s claims about what happened during the 2020 election and even laughing at Dinesh D’Souza’s well-like documentary “2000 Mules”.

But, other than that spectacle and a bunch of invites to appear on CNN that came with it and a few other talking points, things weren’t a smashing success for the Democrats.

That was particularly true in the sphere of ratings, which were far, far lower than what the apparatchiks running the show trial wanted and obviously hoped to bring in with the slick performance on the first day.

Now yes, they did get about 20 million viewers, which at first glance seems like a massive success. Even Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, the most popular news network’s new stars, only bring in 2 or 3 million average viewers per show, which is great but nowhere near 20 million.

However, what you have to remember is that it wasn’t just one or two lib stations that were airing the January 6th hearings. Every single one of those leftie news networks was blasting it, along with the channels that typically carry Congressional hearings, like CSPAN.

Yet among all those channels going full bore trying to cram the hearings and ranting about the hearings down the throats of the American people, they could only convince 20 million people, a small fraction of America’s 330 million or so citizens, to watch them.

In fact, Just The News reported that the primetime hearings for the Jan. 6 commission’s investigation into the 2021 Capitol riot were broadcast live on almost every major station, yet failed to capture national interest and produced ratings far below other comparable national televised political events.

Reporting on that, Just the News said:

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Almost 20 million viewers tuned in for the hearings on Thursday night, according to The Hill. By contrast, President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address in March pulled in 38 million viewers. In 2018, then-President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union attracted over 45 million, per the New York Post.

The 20 million figure did stand above a typical congressional hearing, The Hill noted, citing the roughly 9 million viewers for Trump’s first impeachment trial.

John Cardillo pushed a similar message about the hearings on Twitter, saying:

Massive dud. I told you the ratings were abysmal. The broadcast networks had half their usual viewers for the same time slot.

So, while 20 million might sound big at first glance, it’s really not, particularly given that every leftie channel pushed it, Democrats and RINOs were ranting about it constantly, and the left has framed the whole thing as an “insurrection” of the likes not seen since the Civil War.

The American people, few of whom tuned in to see Liz Cheney attack the bad orange man for doing bad orange things, evidently don’t agree.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List