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“I’m Done with Your BS”: Watch this Young Patriot Destroy the Leftist Establishment

Many accuse Gen Z kids, derisively called Zoomers, of being leftists and losers. Sadly, that depiction is, in many cases, highly accurate. Just look at the average broccoli-top soyboy saying “for real, for real bruh” on any high school campus as evidence. They suck. But many are awesome.

While their peers are abjectly terrible, they see what is wrong with millennials and have no intention of being like that absolutely awful generation. They’re far more to the right that most millenials, more populist in their politics than favoring the establishment, whether right or left, and, most of all, aren’t at all interest in dealing with the establishment’s BS any longer.

This young woman represents the best of that group, and sums up how many feel about what’s going on right now. Watch her here:

If I say all lives matter, I’m a racist. If I stand for my flag, I have to apologize for it. I’m not allowed to go to church, but I’m allowed to burn churches to the ground.

I’m not allowed to open my own business, but I can go loot and destroy other people’s businesses. If I wear a badge, have a gun, and I’m dressed in blue, I’m a racist pig. But if I walk around destroying my city with bricks and masks I’m considered a peaceful protestor.

I’m not allowed to peacefully protest the lockdown at my capital, but I can go destroy and graffiti my capital. I’m not allowed to go to the park to play T-ball with my family, but I can destroy the park. I’m not allowed to protect our historical monuments and history, but I can go tear them down and have them land on top of people.

I’m not allowed to have an opinion on racial matters because I’m white, but if I don’t have an opinion on it then I’m the reason why people are oppressed.  I can go rally in the streets with the BLM, but if I go to a Trump rally COVID-19 magically appears. 

Does anyone else not see the hypocrisy in all of this? I am done with your bullshit!

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In that last line especially, she speaks for all of us with working brains. We’re done with the BS, whether it takes the form of mask mandates or CRT, open borders or what’s a “peaceful protest” and what isn’t.

Now, it must be said the hypocrisy line isn’t the best. It’s not hypocrisy, it’s hierarchy: they’ve made themselves the favored ones, so the rules mean that their things are okay and ours aren’t. Crying about hypocrisy won’t fix that; enraging people by pointing out the double standard and assaulting the nature of who and what they’re protecting and why will.

But, other than that, this young woman is spot on: Americans of every stripe, but especially the young ones whose schoolyears have been wrecked by Covid and riots, are done with all the BS.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.