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Donald Trump Cleared of Contempt Charges from Ridiculous Investigation, Massively Defeats Democrats in Legal Battle

Once again Teflon Don threw Democrat attacks on him back in their faces, this time shrugging off their attempts to hold him in contempt for not turning over documents that the New York State AG, far-left Letitia James, was demanding from him in a subpoena; a New York judge cleared him of the charges.

Trump’s April 25 contempt finding came after he contested a December subpoena demanding records related to both his personal finances and the financing of several of his properties.

Trump, at the time, claimed that he had no material as demanded by the subpoena. The NY AG, Letitia James, then fired back, demanding that Trump’s lawyers show exactly how they conducted their search to prove that they had no such documents.

One of Trump’s attorneys, discussing the issue in a text message, said:

although we are pleased that the court has lifted the contempt finding, we maintain that it was wholly unwarranted and improper in the first place. We will push ahead with our appeal to secure justice for our client.

That then led to Trump being fined a whopping ten grand a day by the leftists running New York, with Frank at Crankers reporting that:

Through May 6, the former president was fined $10,000 per day, when his attorneys first filed explanations of their attempts to search for subpoenaed documents. The judge and the attorney general have demanded affidavits from two dozen Trump Organization employees and attorneys, in the weeks since, in an effort to learn how Donald Trump’s company has for a decade apparently kept nearly no records on the personal finances of its namesake.

A company that has few concrete policies related to the destruction and retention of documents related to Trump’s personal finances is what nearly all the employees who filed affidavits described, leaving such decisions to individuals, or in certain cases, their department heads.

Largely, those statements mirrored what Trump said in his own affidavit, that “it has been my customary practice to delegate document handling and retention responsibilities to my executive assistants.”

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The executive assistants who filed affidavits did not follow any set policies, as they say. Rhona Graff, who is a longtime former assistant, said in a May 31 deposition that she often left such decisions up to other people. The heads of several departments said in affidavits filed June 17, that while they had internal document retention policies, they did not have any policies specific to documents related to Trump himself.

In a June 8 letter to the court, Habba noted that “a vast number” of documents showing Trump’s “handwritten notes” had been turned over by the Trump Organization. Habba’s letter included several photos of the golf legend Gary Player, on which Trump had written “Great,” as well as several legal and design documents in which he wrote “OK.” There was also a note from his daughter on a planning document related to a Trump property in Doral, Florida.

An attorney for James’ office said in a filing June 21 that it supported lifting the contempt finding, not because it was happy with the explanations it received, but “because it is not apparent what else, if anything, [Trump] and his counsel can be ordered to do.”

Andrew Amer, the attorney for James’ office, insisted that the office will still hold Trump to account for whatever phantom crime they’re accusing him of, saying “We have every expectation that [Trump] will be examined under oath next month and will advise the Court promptly if new information regarding Respondent’s documents is gleaned from that testimony.”

He added that he is concerned about “the apparent absence in the productions of documents one would expect to see from Mr. Trump relating to his Statements of Financial Condition.”

Regardless, Trump defeated the contempt charge, throwing yet another Democrat attempt to attack him in the courts back in their faces.

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