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CNN’s Don Lemon’s Latest Scientific Theory: Traffic Accidents Are Caused by Angry Conservatives

Let’s take a trip back in time when CNN still had some viewers watching.  Last August, Don Lemon told you that if you believed violent crime was rising in America, you probably should stop watching Fox News:

“If you watch a certain state TV and you listen to conservative media you would think that, you know, entire cities are just, you know, embroiled in fights and fires and whatever.”

That tirade aged about as well as Jim Acosta’s spiritual vision about mass Covid graves in Florida or Chris Cuomo’s job contract.  Here is what Don Lemon said last week:

“Just three more weeks before 2021 comes to a close, but it’s already going down as a year with a soaring number of homicides all across the country. The murder rate in some cities breaking records.”

What happened to the theory that the wave of violent crime is just “a vast right-wing conspiracy,” Don? Seems much like Bill Clinton’s affair, conservative media got this one right. Unlike the Russia collusion hoax that you pushed on your gullible viewers for 3 years, “right-wing conspiracies” have a tendency to materialize.

Pitching outlandish theories is why even the dimmest of viewers have had enough of CNN – which does not stop Don Lemon from coming up with another one.

“38,680 deaths on U.S. roads last year – the most fatalities since 2007. And that’s even with pandemic precautions drastically reducing the numbers of drivers on the road. So what gives? Well, some experts are saying that this is due to an overall lack of civility in our society – a lack of civility we have seen at school board meetings. Over mask mandates. … and on airplanes. ”

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Yes, the same people who don’t like their children ingesting racist garbage pushed on them by incompetent and radicalized teachers are recklessly driving around killing off CNN viewers.  See what Don Lemon did there?  He just blamed conservatives for causing deadly accidents, and for his own low ratings, all in the same breath.  Well, at least he didn’t blame this one on Trump – be thankful for that.

Who are these “experts” that blame traffic accidents on “lack of civility?” Are those the same “experts” that believed the following?

Last year, the same “experts” told Don Lemon that the crime spike in large (mostly Democrat-run) cities was a myth. But don’t expect Don, or anyone at CNN, to take responsibility for any lies that their network promotes.

Much like alleged President Biden, Don will just turn on his righteous voice and bawl: “That was true at the time!”

 RWR original article syndication source.