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Don Jr. Takes New, Major Step to Defend Gun Rights

Donald Trump Jr., son of former and perhaps future President Donald Trump, is a well-known sportsman. He frequently posts photos and videos of himself hunting in exotic locales on his social media pages, particularly on Instagram, cofounded a sportsman-focused journal called Field Ethos, and has done much to highlight and defend gun rights in America.

Well, now he’s doing even more to defend gun rights in America and stand up for our right as citizens to keep and bear arms. News on that comes from Fox News Digital, which reports that he:

is launching a new gun rights group that he says will be a vehicle for fighting against Democratic gun control efforts. 

“Fox News Digital has learned that Trump Jr. will be launching the Second Amendment Task Force and will serve as the chairman of the group as it works to protect Americans’ right to bear arms.

Don Jr., speaking about that “Second Amendment Task Force” in a statement to Fox News Digital, had this to say about the new group and what he plans to accomplish with it:

The Second Amendment is the whole ballgame; it’s the freedom that protects all of our other freedoms.

“Unfortunately the Biden Administration and Democrats in Congress are hellbent on eroding our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, whether it’s nominating radical gun-grabbers to senior positions in the executive branch or pushing anti-gun legislation.

The Second Amendment Task Force is entirely devoted to ensuring the Left is never successful in disarming American citizens.

Additionally, speaking about the genesis of the group and why he perceived it as being necessary, Trump Jr. also said:

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The idea for the group came from our successful effort to stop a radical anti-gun lobbyist from becoming the head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

“We had to make sure that the American people knew what was going on, especially with Red State Democrats. If they’re considering casting an anti-Second Amendment vote, we’re going to make sure they feel the pain. This new group will help us put more structure and resources around those efforts to make sure we’re as successful as we can be.

That “radical anti-gun lobbyist” is David Chipman, a longtime ATF agent who now works at the Giffords Center to push gun control; he’s known for being hostile to gun rights and was involved in investigating the ATF’s disastrous raid on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. Biden wanted to make him the head of the ATF.

Fortunately, however, Don Jr. and other patriots were able to raise enough of an outcry to stop that nomination and keep the anti-gun radical out of the agency.

The group has its work cut out for it, but with Don Jr.’s resources and platform, along with the support that Donald Trump might lend to the cause if necessary, it certainly has a fighting chance when it comes to preserving and protecting gun rights in America.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.