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Meme: Do Ya Miss Trump Yet?

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Do you miss Trump yet? I know I do.

When he was in charge, when that great titan was at the helm, things were going relatively well in America. Tensions were high between the left and right (and how could they not be), but, otherwise, life was good. The economy was on the up and up and the stock market was reaching new heights every few months. Our foreign policy was winning; states in the Middle East were making peace, Europe was finally gearing up to defend itself, crazy rocket man in North Korea was silent, and the Red Chinese were finally being pushed back into their place. Oh, and the illegal immigration problem was finally being solved.

Now, most of that is gone. Inflation is back and the economy is down. The 2nd Amendment is under attack. Free speech has never been in a more precarious position. Big Tech acts with impunity, as do our enemies abroad. China is poised to invade Taiwan. Our enemies in the Middle East are resurgent. Our credibility was erased by the Saigon Kabul route. Unemployment isn’t going down. Crime is going up. Life in America is back where it was under that tyrant Obama: a dark place.

Trump warned us about all this. Too few of those sanctimonious “moderates” listened. Now we’re living in Joe Biden’s America and having to deal with the predictably disastrous consequences.

And why are those consequences so bad? Well, as Ayn Rand says in Atlas Shrugged:

“Are you seeking to know what is wrong with the world? All the disasters that have wrecked your world, came from your leaders’ attempt to evade the fact that A is A. All the secret evil you dread to face within you and all the pain you have ever endured, came from your own attempt to evade the fact that A is A.”

The left, and the “moderates” who enable it, won’t accept that A is A. They won’t accept that soft on crime policies lead to more crime, that weakness abroad emboldens our enemies, that disincentivizing work leads to fewer productive workers.

On issue after issue, Joe Biden won’t accept that A is A.

Some, including myself, call that hypocrisy. That’s right, to an extent, but in many cases it’s more than that.

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When he attacks the Trump family for “corruption” (of which there was none) while Hunter jets around the world collecting bags of cash, that’s hypocrisy.

But when he claims to be Catholic while supporting abortion, that’s something more- that’s a defiance of the simple fact that A is A. Only in Joe Biden’s America could someone say it’s Christian to believe that the murder of babies is moral. Only in Biden’s America could welfare checks be described as somehow good for the economy.

Trump recognized reality. Whatever his flaws, he was a realist that understood strength prevents aggression, deregulation leads to economic success, and sacred rights should be treated as sacred. He got that A is A.

Even if few say so, that’s the root of why we miss Trump; unlike Biden, his head wasn’t stuck in the clouds. He grasped reality.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Gab and Facebook