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What Is Left Of The Rights Of Americans?

This sheet regarding Constitutional outrages has been seen in different forms for the past twenty years.  Unfortunately, we have been the victims of our own lack of situational awareness.  The mask lies have had one fortunate response, and that is the pulling of the mask and ear plugs from the ears and eyes of many citizens.

The old quote of “then they came for me” from Alexander Solzhinitzen has been dusted off and has also resulted in the realization that the tin foil hat crowd was much too conservative in their analysis.  There are in reality very few of the freedoms in the Bill of Rights that have not been taken away by imperial decree or judicial fiat.

One of the newest decrees has been that property owners that rent homes or apartments cannot evict tenants.  There has been no law passed, only a decree from Joe Bribe’em through the CDC.  It is difficult to imagine a worse abrogation than private property being confiscated by the government without compensation.  I have not heard or read of a protest by a property owner.  A court case would be an interesting display of socialist power in our judiciary versus our Bill of Rights.

Another abrogation of rights is Civil Asset Forfeiture. It is a precedent that has been upheld by the courts through numerous challenges.  The attempt of a citizen to recover from this financial assault is doomed to failure.  A citizen cannot afford the legal fees to recover the stolen money from the state.  The State has lawyers on staff that have nothing to do but cash their checks thereby justifying their place in the bureaucracy and therefore look forward to any justification of their salary.

Free speech is being curtailed by both private enterprise and their government employees. It resulted from the appropriation of the term ‘hate speech’ that is used in Europe as an excuse to jail and fine citizens who are in disagreement with political plans introduced by their betters.  These plans are necessary to solidify the voting base of the socialist political class.  In ancient times (fifty years ago) people strove to be polite about homosexuals, minorities and the physically or mentally handicapped.  Discussions were in private, not in the public eye.  It was called being polite.  The socialist party has used the ostracized groups to broaden their political appeal.  Any unwanted speech is labeled racist.

Alleged hate speech is currently enforced by the private sector web sites and is supported by our government.  Hate speech against the democrat/socialist party is not allowed.  Also, discussions that do not agree with their paid-for positions or political beliefs are deleted.

Next, we have the 2012 Defense Authorization Act that was pushed by John McCain and eliminated trial by jury and allowed the government to incarcerate a citizen for the associations of his compatriots.  Our KGB is not required to notify any legal authority of your plight.  A form of it is being used today in D.C. to jail political prisoners.

Next, equality before the law was eliminated by the KGB – sorry I mean, the Justice Department – when there was no prosecution of Hillary and her cohorts.  It actually has included the entire history of these prostitutes since its creation. We have just been made aware of the extent of this graft in the past few years. A political insider is safe unless there is a reason for revenge against him.  

Sacrifices are made, of course, if there is such an egregious act that it cannot be ignored.  The old “caught in bed with a dead girl or a boy” has evolved into “caught in bed with a sheep.”   

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Next, the mask mandates are another horrible example of an illegal power extension of the elite.  We have seen the example of the magnificent Obama at his party not burdening himself or his guests with the joke of a mask. The spread of viruses and bacteria have just become an excuse to eliminate your interpretation of personal space and association.  Politically they have been enforced selectively according to the whim of the state to solidify their own enthronement.

The last loss of constitutional rights is of course the sanctity of the voting booth.  We now realize that bribery and graft are the standard voting system in the northern states as well as their satellites on the West coast.  In any large city the embezzlement or kickback schemes have been the basic program since the 1800s.  The votes have been scammed since money has been available to steal, but it was laughed at or ignored by the republican opposition for unknown reasons.  I wonder how many elections would have been affected by an honest count.

What is left of our Constitutional Rights?  Only those that are allowed by our betters!

The Madame

Still Knitting

Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.