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Do Not Make Peace with Evil. Destroy It

In one of her most famous quotations, one I covered in this post, Ayn Rand had this to say about compromise:

“In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit.”

Her point isn’t, as her enemies falsely claim, that compromise of any sort is morally wrong. If your wife wants Chinese food and you want seafood, compromising isn’t evil; it’s smart. Obviously.

But, in situations related to morality and your view of virtue, compromise is evil. It is morally wrong. That’s why it is wrong to make peace with evil and right to destroy it.

Take pedophilia, for example. “Compromise” would mean going along with morally reprehensible bills such as California’s SB 145. It would mean, in the name of “compromising” with the radical left and making peace with evil, allowing predators to take advantage of innocent children. Destroying evil would mean passing bills like Arizona’s HB 2889, which would lock pedophiles up for life. The Arizona bill would destroy the evil that is molesting children, the California bill would mean “compromising.”

Which is it virtuous to support? The answer, to those of us that have morals, should be obvious. Compromising with evil is evil.

On issue after issue that is the case.

Gun control is a way of restraining the natural, God-given and Constitution-protected rights of American citizens.

Abortion is the murder of infants. Letting criminals off easy puts them back out on the streets, where they can prey on innocent civilians.

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And so on; while not every political issue is a moral issue, those that relate to the natural rights of life, liberty, and property and Constitutional rights as identified in the Bill of Rights, are.

Compromising with those that wish to attack rights or legalize degenerate behavior is just as evil as pushing for that legislation in the first place. Why? Because it is what allows the evil to take root and spread. When you stand up for virtue and against those that oppose it, you secure the survival of virtue. When you bend to the whims of those that would erase our rights, erase our history, and allow every imaginable type of debauched degeneracy, you are allowing evil to infect whatever it is that you ought to have been defending.

So, if you wish to be a moral person, you must fight to destroy evil. You cannot make peace with it, you cannot compromise with it, you cannot embrace it. Evil is evil, there is no middle ground. And if you attempt to compromise with that evil then, like the food losing to poison that Rand mentions, you will let that evil infect and rule you. When issues of morality come up, always stand for what is right.

The RINOs and weaklings want us to “compromise.” That’s abhorrent. How can you compromise with those that want to murder infants, let murderers back out on the streets, and create a totalitarian society? You can’t; even if the tiger eats you last, it’ll still eat you.

By: Gen Z Conservative


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