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Do Not Change Your Mind about Gun Control


It takes courage to stand up to the gun control fanatics nowadays. Never the type to let a mass shooting tragedy go to waste, they have stepped up their demands for unconstitutional gun control. Especially unconstitutional red flag laws. So, I implore you, please do not change your mind about gun control. Continue to stand strong and defend your 2nd Amendment rights!

Despite the recent tragedies, gun control is still unconstitutional. “Shall not be infringed” means, well, that your right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. No matter what happens. Like I discussed in the “My Thoughts on Gun Control” post, the government has a long record of using tragedies and crime to limit our access to firearms and the proper weapons to fight tyranny.

For some reason, people in the United States have a hard time blaming criminals for crime rather than blaming guns. No gun commits a crime on its own, a criminal needs to pull the trigger. Yet Republicans and Democrats alike constantly push for more gun control. After every tragedy, they are present at the scene making their relentless demands for gun control known.

That relentless push for gun control needs to be fought against. The NRA used to do a good job fighting against it, but recently has abdicated that role. It’s refusal to defend bump stocks was particularly troubling to those of us that value the preservation of liberty. Additionally, its many recent scandals are cause for concern.

Now, because of those issues with the NRA, it is up to you to defend your 2nd Amendment rights from the relentless push for gun control.

The Relentless Push for Gun Control:

Why am I begging and praying that you do not change your mind about gun control? Because, if you fellow patriots do change your minds about gun control and cave to liberal demands, then our rights are doomed. We won’t have the proper weapons to resist tyranny or defend ourselves from crime because one of our most important constitutional rights will have been extinguished.

Like I just mentioned, the push for gun control is relentless. They used to want an electronic database of firearms sales and firearm owners, as if that isn’t a system that would be used by tyrants who want to confiscate your guns. And make no mistake, they do want to confiscate your guns. They want a disarmed populace to prey on.

That desire for confiscation, however, is always clouded in secrecy and Orwellian doublespeak. Implementation of “common sense measures” means an unconstitutional and extreme restriction of your rights. “Protecting the children” means ridiculous and unconstitutional red flag laws. It’s all double speak meant to conceal their intentions and to get you to change your mind about gun control. Don’t do so!

The push for gun control is absolutely relentless. And sometimes it seems hard to resist; it can be hard to defend AR 15 ownership after a mass shooting. Emotions are usually running high and liberals can use the “do something” line to try to get people to change their minds about gun control laws.

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But none of those emotions should matter. What matters is the Constitution. The great document that the Federalists created and then defended in The Federalist Papers.

And the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution clearly states that gun control is unconstitutional. The 2nd Amendment applies to AR 15s just as it applies to all other firearms.


Due to the terrible nature of mass shootings and the relentless push for gun control, it can feel difficult at times to support the 2nd Amendment. But we have to continue doing so. Our rights depend on it. Do not change your mind on gun control and begin to support unconstitutional laws and don’t surrender your weapons! Instead, continue to defend your God given rights!

By: Gen Z Conservative