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Do Modern Socialists Understand Socialism?

My Take on “Do Modern Socialists Understand Socialism?”:

Do modern socialists understand socialism? No. They do not.  If they did, they would be some of the coldest-hearted, most evil people alive. They would be supporting tens of millions of state-sponsored murders and famines, eradications of historic cultures, and the general death of the human spirit in socialist-occupied areas.

As I mention in my “The Most Important Lesson of the 20th Century” post, socialism has been an unmitigated disaster. Yet, for some reason, the West has continued to court it and allow it to be considered an at least semi-acceptable ideology. Why that is the case baffles me because socialism has led to far more deaths and suffering than fascism, an ideology that is correctly identified as evil.

You’d like to think that the answer to “do modern socialists understand socialism?” is “No!” because there is no way that anyone who understands such an evil ideology could ever support it. If you’ve ever read The Gulag Archipelago, then you’d hope that the answer would be “no” to “do modern socialists understand socialism?” No one should support such an evil, brutal, authoritarian form of governance.

For that reason, I have the feeling that modern socialists don’t understand the evil of the ideology that they are supporting. In fact, I know they don’t. I actually discussed that in my “Socialists are Ignorant” post. Ignorance breeds socialism because socialists are ignorant of socialism.

As the meme suggests, modern socialists understand only that they want “free” stuff. They know nothing about the dark history of socialism or what the true costs of “free” programs really are. Based on what you’d imply from it, do modern socialists understand socialism? No, probably not, no one is that evil. In reality, do modern socialists understand socialism? Probably yes. That is the scary part of the modern drift towards “democratic socialism.”

The History of Socialism Shows that the Answer to “Do Modern Socialists Understand Socialism?” Should be “No!”

The history of socialism is a tale of murder, starvation, and failure. North Korea and Venezuela are the remaining countries that are truly socialist. It would be hard to describe them as anything other than murderous, totalitarian states with failing economies. Both nations are full of government thugs and starving citizens.

And that is generally what socialism has been like everywhere it was tried. For example, the Soviet Union was a totalitarian nightmare. It oppressed and tortured its citizenry, spend irresponsible amounts on its military, and had terribly low living standards for its citizens. And not only was the Soviet Union a horrible place to live, it was also a complete failure as an economic experiment: the Soviet Union collapsed because of the failure of its economy.

So, anyone who understands basic economics could not possibly support socialism, right? Based on that, you’d think the answer to “do modern socialists understand socialism?” would be “no!,” right? No one could support socialism. But, that’s wrong. Socialists do not understand economics and instead focus on equality, mainly because they do not understand that equal is unfair when it comes to wage and wealth inequality.

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As I mentioned in my “Why Wage Inequality isn’t a Problem” post, taking capitalist reward out of making risky moves in the economy, such as starting or expanding a business, makes the economy fail. Without the monetary incentive attached to risk in a capitalist society, no one will take the risks that make the economy grow. And because of its socialist system, the Soviet Union had an awful economy with little growth.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, China realized that it would have to change. While it kept its oppressive government structure, it is now much more capitalist economically. There are remnants of socialism, such as state-run businesses, but in general the Chinese are now free to prosper if they have the business acumen to be successful, as described in Socialism Sucks. Yes, their society is still oppressive politically. But it is not an unmitigated disaster like the Soviet Union, Venezuela, or North Korea only because of capitalist influences on it. Do modern socialists understand socialism? Hopefully not, all their past experiments with it have failed!

The history of socialism is full of horrendous stories of deprivation and dictators. And of course, economic failure. But many modern socialist don’t seem to understand that. Or maybe they are just unwilling to accept it because they think that those weren’t “real examples” of socialism. They need to learn their history; supporting socialism is supporting murder and economic privation. Again, that begs the question of “do modern socialists understand economics?” You’d hope, based on the horrible nature of socialist regimes, that the answer is “No!” But, because of the evil minds of socialists, it would be hard to answer that definitively.

The Cost of “Free” Government Programs:

Socialists like Bernie Sanders like to claim that socialist programs such as “free college” are really free. Nothing could be farther from the truth. “Free” programs have both a monetary cost and a deep philosophical cost to humanity. Do modern socialists understand socialism? No! Otherwise they’d know that “free” programs are not really free.

The Monetary Cost of Socialism:

The monetary cost of socialist policies is huge. When the free market is allowed to shape events it leads to efficiencies and lowers costs. That’s the free market revolution. Businesses want to attract customers, so they do so by offering better products at lower prices than the competition. Socialist policies completely destroy that time-tested system in favor of trusting in a government decree. However, there is no indication that will work. Do modern socialists understand socialism? Hopefully not. Otherwise they’d understand that.

Like I wrote about in “Free College won’t Work,” government policies lead to higher prices, not lower ones. Federal grants for college and the Affordable Care Act are great examples of how government interference in the market leads to dramatically higher prices.

Free College won't Work
Free college is Idiotic

We have no reason to believe that hugely increased government involvement, such as Bernie Sanders’s student debt cancellation and Medicare for all plans, would have any positive effects on the economy. In fact, they would probably just lead to hugely increased costs for everyone. “Free” programs aren’t really free. Instead, they are incredibly expensive because of the increased taxes and inefficiencies that they bring with them.


The Human Cost of Socialism:

Additionally, so-called “free” programs come at an immense cost to the human spirit. One of the many reasons that free college won’t work is that going to and completing college is a major accomplishment. Not only is it an academic accomplishment, but it is also a financial one. Do modern socialists understand socialism? No. Otherwise, they’d be angry at the fact that it decreases the accomplishment of a university degree.

Finding out how to pay for a degree is a burden for most, so making it through college is a major accomplishment. Government programs that make if free would not only destroy that sense of achievement but also place the burden of paying upon everyone else in society. I think that is immoral and hugely impacts the human spirit in a negative way, as do many other socialist programs. Free college is just an example of that and is why we need to make it that the answer is “yes” to “do modern socialists understand socialism?”

Everywhere socialism has been, prices have risen and the human spirit has crumbled, which is why we need to make it that the answer to “do modern socialists understand socialism?” is “yes.” We need them to understand the evil nature of socialist regimes.

East Germany, North Korea, and Venezuela are some of the best examples of countries that have failed not only economically but also in creating livable environments for their citizens. Capitalist countries are lands of plenty where people are free to live and be happy. Socialist countries are lands of scarcity, suicide, and unhappiness. East Germany, for example, had a far higher suicide that West Germany. Capitalism is happiness. Socialism is suicide.

Conclusion to “Do Modern Socialists Understand Socialism?”:

So, do modern supporters of socialism understand socialism? Hopefully not. As these examples have demonstrated, socialism is an evil ideology. In a Winston Churchill quote about socialism that I recently analyzed (read it here: Winston Churchill Socialism Quote), Churchill calls socialism a philosophy of failure and the creed of ignorance. Nothing could be more correct. Socialism has failed everywhere that it has been tried and its current supporters are quite ignorant.

When we conservatives say that socialism is evil or socialism will never work, liberals claim that we just have an ignorance of socialism. But we know that the opposite is really true. Conservatives know that avowed socialists are the ignorant ones because they don’t know what their ideology stands for. Socialism leads to tyranny, envy, and bread lines. Capitalism leads to freedom and plenty. Capitalism always beats socialism. We young conservatives need to make the leftists understand that, even the radical Marxists. We need to make sure that the answer to “do modern socialists understand socialism?” is “yes.”

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