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Do Liberals Know that Gun Laws Already Exist?

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My Take

Personally, I don’t really have a definitive answer to “do liberals know that gun laws already exist?” It’s almost inconceivable that they don’t know that, yet every indication is that they somehow don’t.

If you don’t believe me, just look at their responses to every single highly-publicized mass shooting. Instead of recognizing that tragedies inevitably happen occasionally, they always push for more government control of firearms.

You and I know, as did Thomas Paine, that those laws are how the government implements tyrannical policies and that the only true solution to mass shootings is enabling Americans to defend themselves. Liberals, however, don’t seem to get that. They think more gun control is the answer.

Never mind that many of the laws they want, however unwise or unconstitutional, already exist. Their oft-proposed “common sense” gun laws already exist in many states, as do background checks and often restrictive provisions on how old you have to be to buy certain firearms and whether you have to have a special permit to buy certain firearms.

All those laws already exist and they’ve predictably done little to solve any gun-related violence problem. In fact, they’ve often led to increased crime rates. That’s because guns aren’t the problem; criminals and societal degradation are.

However, as I’ve said before and will say again, none of that matters to today’s left. They don’t care about the Constitution or the outcomes of their policies. And they certainly don’t care about what men like Ronald Reagan, George Washington, or Thomas Jefferson said about firearm rights and gun control. No, all the left cares about is control, and it rightly sees firearm laws as a way to seize that control.

Americans need to start standing up to the left more forcefully on this issue. It might feel like poor taste to stand up for your firearm rights after a mass shooting, the time when the left is usually clamoring for an increase in gun laws. But, in reality, that’s the most important time to do so because it’s the time that your rights are most at risk. Try to remember that and use it to persevere through any perceived awkwardness.

So, do liberals know that gun laws already exist? Maybe. Maybe not. To them, those preexisting laws are completely irrelevant. All they want is more control over you and your way of life.

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