January 20, 2021

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do Democrats love America?

Do Democrats Love America?

Do Democrats Love America? They Used To.

It might sound like partisan nonsense, but I think that it’s important to ask “do Democrats love America?” Because they certainly used to, but now it’s no longer as clear. JFK is a great example.

Despite his flaws, which are well-recorded in The Best and the Brightest, JFK was a great American. He fought for the nation during World War II, understood the importance of the 2nd Amendment, as you can read about in my analysis of his quote on the 2nd Amendment, and wanted to defeat the Soviets, unlike the other American politicians that Diana West excoriates in American Betrayal.

So it would have made no sense to ask “do Democrats love America?” during the days of the JFK administration. His administration might not have been the “Camelot” it is now portrayed as, but it was undoubtedly pro-America.

Now, however, that’s no longer really the case. Gone are the days of “pay any price, bear any burden” to ensure the survival of liberty, and in are the days of Antifa fascists raiding pro-free speech gatherings. No longer do Democrats say “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Instead, it’s more along the lines of tax the rich until they’re starving so that their money can pay for your gender study degree. Those are just some of the differences between Democrats then and now and those differences are why we need to ask “do Democrats love America?”

Of course, that’s somewhat unfair. Some Democrats, such as Zell Miller of Georgia or Joe Manchin of West Virginia, undoubtedly do. But the Democratic party has changed for the worse since the days of JFK. And America needs to recognize that fact.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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